Worst Cover Songs

While it's true that some records can be redone, these people give the original a new reason to be proud. This list is devoted to the worst cover songs in the industry. Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.


I Love Rock 'N Roll - Britney Spears

ANY cover that Britney did or would do would be the worst, they would all be in contention with each other for worst before any other singer's cover could even be considered.


di she shave her head in the video?

Britney Whyd you try? Stick to your slut abilites and do us a favor, don't sing

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2American Pie - Madonna

Truly terrible. Shameful that people bought it.

Time 2 retire wit dignity now Madge... Scary Scary!

she's too old somebody should tell her to stop acting sexy , it's creepy

3Knockin' On Heaven's Door - Guns 'N' Roses

They murdered one of the greatest songs of all time!



4Behind Blue Eyes - Limp Bizkit (The Who)

this song is so beautiful... except when covered by Limp Bizkit.

5The Man Who Sold The World - Nirvana
6I'll Be There - Marie Picasso

let MJ songs to MJ. he's so unique

no one can sing michael jackson music but MJ himself.

give it another try dear

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7Sweet Child Of Mine - Sheryl Crow

I hate this chick! I mean how dare she re-do a gunners classic. She destroyed it!

8Downtown Train - Rod Stewart
9We Are The World 25 for Haiti - Artists for Haiti

Sorry, but it is really bad

10To Love You More - Sarah Geronimo


11Walking on Sunshine - Aly & A.J.
12Sitting On the Dock of the Bay - Michael Bolton

Any song attacked by M Bolton suffers

13Angels - Jessica Simpson

people, start singing your own songs!

14Imagine - Avril Lavigne

I am lost for words...

she butchered it

15Without You - Mariah Carey
16Stairway to Heaven - Heart

try to cover zeppelin and you will burn in hell.

Someone deserves a spanking for this trainwreck

this is just blasphemous! I agree, leave the masterpieces to the masters themselves! stay away from my led zeppelin!

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17It's Raining Men - Geri Halliwell

This is one of those songs that just shouldn't be attempted... by ANYONE. Nobody but the Weather Girls can belt this song out properly.

18Don't Turn Around - Ace Of Base
19I'll Be There - Mariah Carey
20You Shook Me All Night Long - Anastasia And Celine Dion

Ok I've never heard this version... but seeing the "singers" that covered it tells me its gonna suck!

21Basket Case - Avril Lavigne

No No No No No No and NEVER. I've never heard such a terible rendition of a Green Day song in all my life. Avril shouldn't cover!

I'm sorry Avril but Green Day's version is way better than yours.

22Welcome Home (Sanitarium) - Limp Bizkit
23When a Man Loves a Woman - Michael Bolton
24Knocking On Heaven's Door - Avril Lavigne
25My Generation - Hilary Duff


26Working Class Hero - Green Day (John Lennon)


27Epic - Atreyu

What were they thinking!?!?!?

28Crazy Train - Bullet for My Valentine

there are no matches for Ozzy and Randy!

29Anarchy In the U.K. - Megadeth

Terrible. Mustaine didn't even get the lyrics right.

30Stairway to Heaven - Rolf Harris
31A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall - Roxy Music
32Feel Like Making Love - Kid Rock

The "Kid" is a talentless hillbilly and quite ugly to boot.

33Tutti Frutti - Pat Boone

I've never even heard this cover but just the idea of it sounds awful enough to be the worst cover ever. Pat Boone Rock n' Roll = no bueno.


I've never even heard this cover but just the idea of it sounds awful enough to be the worst cover ever. Pat Boone Rock n' Roll = no bueno.


34I Will Always Love You - Whitney Houston

This song gives me a headache. Dolly Parton was much better.

35With a Little Help From My Friends - Joe Cocker
36Rock N' Roll - Heart

Try making your own "rock" classics instead of having to take the legendary Led Zep's hits.

37Tell It Like It Is - Heart
38Unchained Melody - Heart
39Girls Just Wanna Have Fun - Miley Cyrus

OMG, she ruined the song, no one can sing this song and make it work except for Cindy Lauper and Emilie Autumn, her cover is much better. Miley, STOP DOING COVERS.

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40Stairway to Heaven - Mary J. Blige

What the hell is this crap? Try leaving real rock alone and make your own music for yourself. Not even Steve Vai or Orianthi can make this cover seem awesome.

She sucks, and she chose TRAVIS BARKER to play drums. A shitty, overrated punk drummer to play Bonham's parts. DOES NOT WORK.

41All the Small Things - Jedward

I thought they had promise but then they KILLED this pop punk ANTHEM! Oh my god! Leave this song alone!

42Stairway to Heaven - Dolly Parton

Dolly Dolly Dolly Leave your unfortunate country vocals to your horrible songs


43Every Rose has Its Thorn - Miley Cyrus

shes soo overrated she thinks shes rock and she thinks shes hot but shes not. bret michaels is better and sexier

44Take A Little Piece Of My Heart - Faith Hill
45Yellow Submarine - Mrs. Miller

The words cannot describe just how awful this song is.

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