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Sometimes our living conditions fall short of our expectation and our ambitions are frustrated. At this time, a song highly inspirational will raise our spirits and push us to a new fight for our dreams. Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.


Heal The World - Michael Jackson

full of love

Michael , we miss you ~~
Kazakh girl~

Michael , we miss you ~~
Kazakh girl~

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2The Star - Vitas

The Star considers many questions each one of us ask ourselves. It's deep, personal, and pertinent to our lives. Vitas continually amazes me.

Nature, simple and unadorned.

Go chase our dreams (the star in the song)

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3Guardian Angel - Declan Galbraith

declan's my favourite singer, I love this song the best!

I love your song very much. I hope you can send many wonderful songs to us.

You are the best! Declan!

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4Will You Be There - Michael Jackson

This is the bomb and
Fck yall who don't like it
Because you should respect the dead
yours truely

5Deliver Me - Sarah Brightman

deliver me is one of the best songs that sarah be sang. it lifts you up when you are depressed.


deliver me is one of sarah's best. it lifts you up especially when you feel down.


this song speaks from the heart for anybody who listens to it. its great.


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6Smile - Vitas

This song tells us the smile is the most important thing in the world. When I was disppointded at the life. I like listening this song

En... this is an interesting song. It made me happy and let me relax. It helped me out. I thanked this song with all my heart.

It is a real song to sing the feeling of our heart. Every person can understand his song very much , even they can not understand the words of the song. Smile explain what is loneliness deeply. I never see other songer can do this.

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7I Ask All Saints - Vitas

Love the song, like an angle. And forever.

'Cause I always ask Saints as well.

although this song seems like very sad. but it inspired me and let me face difficultis more bravely.

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8Tell Me Why - Declan Galbraith

Nice very inspiring.

it pulls me heart in to it! :D

Declan dedicated this song to people in SiChuan. It touched me. This song is meaningful.

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9Winning Streak - Marie Picasso
10This Moment - Marie Picasso


11Good Thing - Marie Picasso
12You Raise Me Up - Josh Groban

I grew up listening to this, and I still cry and feel so much better when I hear this. Best song ever. I really love Josh Groban's songs. All of them are inspirational.

This is the most enjoyable song ever! It is so inspirational and so touching that nothing can beat it! It say everything that someone would want to say to another person in their life! I dedicate this song to my husband and to all my children and grandchildren! They are the world to me!

so emotional, touches every listener's heart

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13We Are the Champions - Queen

not my first choice but still its the like the most popular song ever


best anthem

Best of a poor bunch - but who is Vitas and how many times has his fan voted?

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14Imagine - John Lennon

Amazing even though I don't know what this song is. I am thinking about singing it for a talent show at a fine arts camp because I think it would be perfect!

One of the best inspirational songs.

Imagine all the people living for today... I wonder if you can

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15Keep the Faith - Michael Jackson
16Can't Take That Away - Mariah Carey

Such a amazing story behide the song. She is an angel

"But I refuse to falter
In what I believe
Or lose faith in my dreams"

Mariah Carey is an ever-green tree with her devoting interpretation.

17What I've Done - Linkin Park
18I Believe I Can Fly - R Kelly

I'm going to be a commercial airline pilot because of this song motivates me a lot.

because of this song I can dunk...

Remember this song?

It's a deserving inspirational song

19Its My Life - Bon Jovi

This song always gets me pumped! It's on all of my mixed cd's!

20The World's Greatest - R. Kelly

the best song ever!

"im the worlds greatest" whats more uplifting than that

21Hero - Mariah Carey

Mariah is one of the most inspirational singers of all time, shes not just another pop artist. this song has the most inspiring lyrics and if you really listen it should help you throught anything. I suggest listening to this whenever youre down, itll pick you right up.

22Jesus, Take The Wheel - Carrie Underwood

I love carrie underwood. This song is so powerfull its amazing!
go Carrie

23Unwritten - Natasha Bedingfield

This is a straight-forward meaningful inspirational song. It would be difficult finding songs like these. Other higher-ranking songs in this list can have vague meanings, but this is one of the best I can recommend.

Your future isn't written; that's the exact message of this song. Excellent suggestion!

The worlds are awesome! Imagine waking up every day, being inspired by the lyrics to this song. I know it's a bit cheesey but I LOVE IT!

24I Hope You Dance - Lee Ann Womack

lovely lyrics... one truly deserving of the tag ínspirational'...

Beautiful song sung by a beautiful lady with a great voice. Lyrics are great and the way the song is done gives me goose bumps.

25Keep Holding On - Avril Lavigne
26I Have a Dream - Westlife

This song is catchy
Just as Westlife sings
"I believe in angels
Something good in everything I see"

27Good Day Sunshine - Beatles
28We Will Rock You - Queen

How can you not like this song? How? Queen Forever!

29My Heart Will Go On - Celine Dion

there's nothing more to say, it's perfect

30Reach - Gloria Estefan

The singer Gloria Estefan herself is a good case of inspiration and obstacle-surmounting.

This song as the opening song in Atlantic Olympic Games is one we can always keep in mind.

31Until the End of Time - 2Pac
32Dreams - Van Halen

My personal fave inspiration song

33Believe In Dreams - Flyleaf
34I Need You Now - Smokie Norful

Most beautiful and spritually emotional song I ever heard in my life. It's sad that this song isn't at the top or at least in the top 10. This guy was singing his heart out to GOD!

35Watch Me Shine - Joanna Pacitti
36The Final Countdown - Europe
37You Gotta Be - Des'ree

This song makes me realize I'm no good the way I am, and lets me strive for more.

38Man In the Mirror - Michael Jackson

Inspirational, make the change! This song talks about how people these days, just, take everything for granted, we need to change ourselves, and in turn, the world will change with us, into a better place, love this song, listen to it every morning and night. And every day, I wake up and put my head on the pillow. I make a Change.

Listen to sample
39Born to Try - Delta Goodrem

"But I was born to try
No point in talking what you should have been"

Australian hot singer's enthusiastic and sincere performance.

40Never Gonna Give You Up - Rick Astley

Rick Astley is love.

41Everybody Hurts - R.E.M
42Hall of fame - The Script feat. Listen to sample
43Conviction of the Heart - Kenny Loggins
44The Speaking Doll - Vitas

This song can call up our feeling of our childhood! It is a sweet song with lots of happiness!

45Leningrad - Billy Joel

Love this song, the lyrics are beautiful. Take the time to listen and you cannot fail to enjoy this.

46We Are The World - U.S.A. For Africa Listen to sample
47Don't Stop Believin' - Journey

ALL Time Classic


Listen to sample
48U UR Hand - Pink
49How Bad Do You Want It? - Tim Mcgraw

Tim Mcgraw is amazing: timeless!

50Dedication - Vitas
51Your Heart Will Lead You Home - Kenny Loggins
52Now I Can Dance - Tina Arena
53Jesus Is Love - Commodores

Sung At Michael Jackson Funeral


Listen to sample
54I Have A Dream - ABBA

This is the original version of this song, it was written and performed by ABBA (not the Westlife cover version).


Listen to sample
55Beautiful - Christina Aguilera

With all of the bullying that goes on in this world, this song has a very powerful message. It tells you to believe in yourself despite what others may say. Bullying... It can be so emotionally devastating... STOP BULLYING!

This song helped me when I was being bullied at school. It kept me from commiting suicide and showed me there was still good in the world. I went through the list and I didn't find this song. So here it is.

I absolutely think this song is beautiful, very inspirational. I was teased a lot growing up. This song has helped me to believe in myself even at the age of 44. Thank you Christina!

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56Let's Talk About Love - Celine Dion

Amazing Song. She has an incredible voice. Such beautiful lyrics!

57Maybe Tonight, Maybe Tomorrow - Wideawake


58Fight With Tools - Flobots

This song is basically a call for the younger generation to think for themselves and to come together as a community. With a truly uplifting chorus, an amazing viola solo, and an incredible ending, I am blown away every time I hear this song.

59Wind Beneath My Wings - Pattie Labelle Listen to sample
60One Day - Charice

This song is the BOMB, WOW! Am so impress thank CHARIC, THANK YOU very much

Listen to sample
61Whenever You Call - Mariah Carey
62The Greatest Love Of All - George Benson

This Song Teaches You That, There is a Greater Love inside of You


Listen to sample
63Pick Up The Pieces - Average White Band

This IS An Excellent Gospel Song. It Has A Great Chorus Line, That Goes Like This, Pick Up The Pieces When You'r Down And Feelin Low And Pick Up The Pices When You Have No Place To Go. This Song Was Release in 1983 on Timpo /Bmc Records. If You Love Gosple Music. Them You Must Pick Up A Copie of This One. I Give It 5 Stars


64Devotion - Earth, Wind & Fire Listen to sample
65Time After Time - Cindy Lauper
66What Makes You Beautiful - One Direction Listen to sample
67Someday We'll Be Together - Diana Ross Listen to sample
68Here and Now - Luther Vandross Listen to sample
69Always and Forever - Heat Wave Listen to sample
70Wake Up, Everbody - Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes Listen to sample
71Look Into Your Heart - Aretha Franklin Listen to sample
72Light Up the World - Glee Listen to sample
73One Moment in Time - Whitney Houston Listen to sample
74Open Up Your Eyes - Daughtery Listen to sample
75Keep You Head Up - Andy Grammar
76You've Got a Friend In Me - Randy Newman Listen to sample
77Where Is the Love - The Black Eyed Peas Listen to sample
78Pixie Dust - Wreckin' Crew Listen to sample
79Get Here - Oleta Adams Listen to sample

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