Best Soulfly Songs

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2Back to the Primitive
3Soulful Spirit (Dedicated to Billy Higgins)
5Eye for an Eye
6Seek 'N' Strike


12Arise Again
13Fuel the Hate
14Babylon - Dark Ages

I saw Soulfly this weekend at the Graspop Metal Meeting... It was the best fucking live-act I have ever seen.. Really fucking amazing! Max Cavalera was really enjoying it and the crowd was fucking amazing... They also played an intermezzo with the drums and who was coming on stage? Yes, it was Roy Mayorga, their ex-drummer who now plays with Stone Sour... Max also played a fucking amazing song with his son Ritchie and at the end they played Jump The Fuck Up with who else than Corey Taylor! It was only the third time ever they played Jump the Fuck Up live with Corey so we were really lucky bastards!

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