Best Snow Patrol Songs

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Chasing Cars

what can you say sheer brilliant best song ever.

Tender, elegiac and erotic.

The lyrics tells it all...

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this song touches the deepest of my soul

beautiful, stirring my emotions

Brilliant. Very uplifting makes me happy all the time :].

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3Set the Fire to the Third Bar

Beautiful song!

this song is amazing! I love the vocals and the beat is just amazing <3333

Martha Wainwright and Snowpatrol mix so well to make such a good song!


Brilliant, will never get old :)

Deep song

Underated, Needs More Play Time,


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5Just Say Yes
6Open Your Eyes

every now and then the truth finds a voice


This song reminds me of my dad

7You Could Be Happy

I really love this song, brilliant =]

This osng was featured in smallville which makes it the best song by snowpatrol

8Crack the Shutters

great song! I love it!

9Signal Fire

Beautiful and unsurpassed. I really enjoy listening to it no matter what mood I am in at the time! It is really incredible.

greatest song ever, very calming and uplifting all at once

10Hands Open

best song! omg so good


11You're All I Have

My favorite! You listen to the lyrics and it's just wow, incredible!

energetic and addictive

12Shut Your Eyes
13How to Be Dead

I love this song :)

Good song! strong meaning of a break up

14Make This Go On Forever

the lyrics are great

15Spitting Games

energetic, uplifting but still with snow patrol's heart

should be higher than 16th place

16Somewhere a Clock Is Ticking


17It's Beginning to Get to Me
18Take Back The City
19The Lightning Strike: What If This Storm Ends?/The Sunlight Through the Fla

great song, the music flows through so well

20Grazed Knees
22The Finish Line
23Fifteen Minutes Old - Up to Now

Amazing song

24The Planets Bend Between Us

this is ONE of my favourites, because I love all there songs so much just can't have one favourite.

25Fallen Empires - Fallen Empires

Absolutely awesome song in fact I'm listening to it right now! Brilliant lyrics, god it's such a good song!

Listen to sample
26What If This Storm Ends Listen to sample
28I'm An Astronaut

This is a simply beautiful and cute song. :)

29Warmer Climate - Eyes Open Listen to sample
30Called Out In The Dark - Fallen Empires Listen to sample

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