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Smells Like Teen Sprit - Nevermind

The song that made Nirvana famous

I love the hello hello hello how low part. Very Catchy. Nirvana will live on forever!

it started a revolution

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2Come as You Are - Nevermind

it rocks

Almost as good as Teen Spirit, and inpacted an entire generation as Teen Spirit did.

best song like ever!

3In Bloom - Nevermind

Another great song by Nirvana

Hard song

Smells Like Teen Spirit may have been the more popular one In Bloom is the one that always rocks as hard as the very first listen.

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4You Know You're Right - Nirvana

One of the last songs recorded by Cobain before his death, its a really good song.

You can just feel the emotions Kurt must've felt at the time when you listen to this song, recorded about three months before his death.

the chorus "hey" is great and just listen to Cobain's drunk voice

5All Apologies - MTV Unplugged in New York/In Utero

Originally from In Utero, but the acoustic version became extremely popular.

Greatest song by them b/c its a great combo of their soft/hard edge approach

6Heart Shaped Box - In Utero

A really good song from In Utero

the music video had deep meaning

7Rape Me

This song is seriously awesome... Kurts voice is perfection. Definitely the best nirvana song there is..
rape me, rape me again! X. X

this song is the most incredible song ever

Im like a huge nirvana fan.. but I just love this song... and the other dude is right the recording with frances cobain crying in the background is awesome

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8Drain You - Nevermind

Another interesting Nirvana song.

A great song and one their best, odd (but good) crescendo too.

One of the best Nirvana songs definitely my favorite!

9Lithium - Nevermind

Because its brilliant, the guitar work is very good, I thoroughly envy the work of the musical group.

A song bout finding God before killing yourself should be on the list

10The Man Who Sold the World - Nirvana

amazing rendition of the Davie Bowie tune. I think he would agree Kurt made it somthin else.

Cause its the shiiiit

Song is #2 on this list, no question...

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11Lounge Act - Nevermind

Shows the depth ofwhat Kurt could do with hislyrics and a catchy baseline with great hooks, by krist novaselic

An extremely underrated song. Way too low on this list

The best song from Nevermind. No doubt about. The bass will blow you away.

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12Breed - Nevermind

Should be Top 5

Under rated yet awesome Nirvana song

breed is the best nirvana song ever

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13Francis Farmer Will Have Revenge On Seattle - In Utero
14About A Girl - Bleach

The best song from Nirvana's first album


aaahuh, it rocks!

I agree with wikipedia. Underestimated song. Underground powerfull. True Nirvana. Before ╦Łnevermind era╦Ł.


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16Where Did You Sleep Last Night - MTV Unplugged in New York

Fck you all this is the last(and BEST) song of the evening... Really amazing cover, love it

17Scentless Apprentice - In Utero

A really good song

18Pennyroyal Tea - In Utero

Come on how can you not love a song that mentions Leonard Cohen?

19Sliver - Insecticide

best song of all time

Lyrics are ace and the music videos good too.

20Polly - Nevermind

A song with...interesting lyrics.

21Dumb - In Utero

the cello is nice in it , kurt's voice is beautiful in it also. I lovee it.

22Lake of Fire - MTV Unplugged in New York

Lake of fire is one of my favorite songs of all time... LONG LIVE NIRVANA!

it needs some recognition

23On a Plain - Nevermind

i think the best nirvana song ther eis very great love the unplugged version it really means something

24Milk It - In Utero

Best NIrvana Lyrics

unbelivebly great and demented. it shows kurt's personality a lot more.

25Negative Creep - Nirvana
26Sappy - With the Lights Out

its just that awesome

27Love Buzz - Bleach
28Stay Away - Nevermind

A fast paced song

29Where Did You Sleep Last Night - MTV Unplugged in New York
30Serve the Servants - In Utero

Opening song on In Utero, and in my opinion the best.

31Ain't It a Shame
32Polly - Nevermind

It's about a girl being kidnapped from Seattle and trying to escape from the kidnapper

33Big Long Now - Incesticide
34Here She Comes Now - With The Lights Out
35Tourette's - Nirvana

Is a pretty good song. You should definitely listen to it, if you haven't already.

36Dive - With The Lights Out
37Verse Chorus Verse

It is a great song to listen to when you are pissed at the people who are trying to control your life

38School - Live at Reading

I really hate school but this song is killer

39Pen Cap Chew - With the Lights Out
40If You Must - With the Lights Out
41Love Buzz - Bleach
42Hairspray Queen - Incesticide

This song has one of their best guitar riffs that iv'e ever heard. It was also one of the first performed songs by nirvana.

43I Hate Myself And Want To Die - With The Lights Out

Very underrated Nirvana song

44School - From the Muddy Banks of the Wishkah
45Big Cheese - Bleach
46Paper Cuts - Bleach

Heavy, powerful, one of Nirvana's earlier songs, played since 1988

47Son of a Gun - Incesticide


48Turnaround - Incesticide
49Something In the Way - Nevermind Listen to sample
50Scoff - Bleach Listen to sample
51Verse Chorus Verse - With the Lights Out

this song is awesome kurt must have been thinking of awesomeness when he wrote it

52D-7 - With the Lights Out
53Mexican Seafood - Incesticide

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