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At one time, the self professed "King of Pop" was truly on top of the world. For a span of over a decade, Michael Jackson could do no wrong. Every album was genius, every song a hit, and every video, a breakthrough. These songs are a testament to the brilliance that was Michael Jackson. Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.


Billie Jean

okay first of all he is the one and ONLY person that can sing this song and move those moves so rest in peace Michael you fricken rock!

I went to see michaels movie and when he sang billie Jean everyone in his small audiance at the staples center stood and were so amazed the depths he could still reach after all these years. what did he say just a small sample or something to that affect, meaning he was great and was saving his voice. People were leaving with tears like visitation to a funeral home. It was incredible, I worry though for his mom and children how this will probably throw them back into the saddness of such loss. My name is Billie Jean and as I have told everyone he made my name famous.

michael is by far the greatest singer that ever lived and all his songs are amazing but this was the best in my michael jackson loving eyes - I love you michael! 1

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The theme of this song, with the talking, makes this the best song ever by the king of pop

Best Song he had, and one of the 26 songs of his on my ipod


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3Smooth Criminal

Alien Ant Farm may have added a little bit of an edge, but the genius was already there

Love him very much he is the best.. The video is damn good. I really like to copy him.. Apple head is the best. RIP. I really miss him very much. He is and he will be the king of pop..

The Lean made him iconic.

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best song ever by anyone! awesome, awesome voice! :)

5Man in the Mirror

A rare feat for Jackson. A socially conscious song that didn't come off as completely sappy.

most touching song ever

the music, the emotion, and the feeling with which Michael sings it leaves you mesmerized!

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6Wanna Be Startin' Something

it is cool that ti is a good song

7Beat It

Michael decided to rock... and it was good! Just when you think you know who he is as an artist, he breaks genre... destroys it. His scope is too big for it.

This song is my favorite song


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8Human Nature

Truly one of the most beautiful songs ever written.

such a beautiful tune with beautiful lyrics. makes me wanna cry.

The most beautiful song I have ever heard in my life.

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9Dirty Diana

its the best song ever!

this was the hardest thing to pick so I just clicked on any b/c I could never pick my fav mj song b/c I long every single one! R. I. P MJ!

Flip sake top 3!

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10Give In to Me

Remember when Michael Jackson was cool enough to have Slash play on his album? I still remember seeing the video for this song premier on the Oprah special. Crank this one up and feel the power of a perfectly written and executed song.

Slash, nuff said

I also remember when this video was shown on the Oprah special. Still to this day, this is my favorite Michael Jackson song. FYI, Youngbloodz, which is a rap group just made a remix of this song with Michael Jackson. It is awsome.

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11Earth Song

Never heard it on the radio but it is still an awesome song.

soothing and sensational

only Michael Jackson that can write and sing a song about earth or environment and the song reaches the top of the charts

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12They Don't Care About Us

Best song EVER!

its soo true

the mirror of king's unexposed mind

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13Will You Be There

because it is such a good song

When I was a little kid I went through at least 4 of these cassettes because I listened to the dangerous album until it literally fell apart in my player. RIP Michael. You will be honored and missed greatly, but always loved and cherished more.

14Black or White

greatest song eva!

its awesome


15Remember the Time

its underrated, fabulous song love it!

Great vocals, MJ!

Amazing song

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16The Way You Make Me Feel

this is one of the songs michael is most remembered by, its so catchy and cool

I love this song. It's a catchy, romantic and upbeat tune. Michael Jackson fan, or no Michael Jackson fan, this song is one to remember for ever.

17P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)

The lyrics, the soul, the melody in PYT are just sick. I don't know why this isn't more popular. It's so perfectly put together and tight.

Makes me want to dance.

18Stranger in Moscow

This song is amazing and not many people know it. What a shame.

VERY VERY Underrated

the definition of haunting

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19Blood On the Dance Floor

The beat makes my feet move. Just dance!

It was truly remarkable

20You Are Not Alone

insanely underrated.

this was my child hood song. and I love it so much he is so cute.

I like this song very much

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21Another Part of Me

If I close my eyes and listen to this song, it's all of a sudden the late '80's again and captain EO is still out saving the Galaxy with music.

We're takin' over...

22Heal the World

lovely song...

Lovely song, I usually get teary whenever I listen or watch the video. We can all make a difference and make this world a better place.



Just a great song and surprised it was never a #1.

its awesome screaming, makes my family scream too!

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bad is cool

25Who Is It

Best song, You should listen to it acappela, just great!

brings out some intense emotions (one of my favorite MJ songs)

26Off The Wall
27Baby Be Mine

The most underrated song! It should've been a success.
Way ahead of its time!

28We Are the World

such a nice song


One of the most dangerous songs

30This Place Hotel

this is the best song I heard ever...

31Rock With You

This song is very smooth and contemporary. Doesn't sound dated at all.

32You Rock My World

I love this song I dance and sing to it watch his movies listen to all his songs over and over in one day

How could this not have made the list? Its a shame it be all the way down at 35.


33Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough

crazy good song

35The Lady In My Life
36Burn This Disco Out

MJ track with the greatest dance-ability factor.

So upbeat and fresh, more people should hear it. Up there with P. Y. T. for a motown/dance hit.

37In The Closet

..."just promise whatever we say or do to each other...."

38Leave Me Alone

From a time when his eccentricities were just a part of his intriguing and charming other-worldliness.

39I Just Can't Stop Loving You

Its a really good love song... he sounds so vulnerable in it


Me and my brother always listen to this.

42Be Not Always
43Tabloid Junkie
45Say, Say, Say
462 Bad
47Fly Away
48Liberian Girl
49The Girl Is Mine
50Come Together

Fantastic, he is a beautiful


so sad
i understand him: (

52Speed Demon
53For All Time
54Can You Feel It

Can you leave this out?

55Workin' Day And Night
56Music and Me

Song even more appropriate w/ time

57With a Child's Heart

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