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Green Days trio of of Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt and Tr Cool have sold over 60 million albums worldwide and have been instrumental in the revival of punk rock. This list is a collection of thier best songs. Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.


Boulevard of Broken Dreams - American Idiot

the best song

the rhythm is perfect...

Unbelievably good

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2Holiday - American Idiot

best band ever and best song eva

its one of the best songs I've heard

Best song

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321 Guns - 21st Century Breakdown

Awesome music, awesome lyrics, AWESOME SONG

the best song I've ever heard!

Ultimate song, I just love It. Wanna hear it again and again.

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4Jesus Of Surburbia - American Idiot

9 minutes of true rock greatness. This song was performed amazingly live at bullet in the bible

Rock epic, 5 movements, best song live- THIS IS IT!

One of the best Rock songs ever

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5Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) - Nimrod

BJ showed his feeling when his girlfriend moved to Ecuador. ONE OF THE BEST SONGS EVER!

Just amazing work of green day. I listen to this song every day... a true diamond in music history

its a great sound of guitar with beautiful lyric...

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6Wake Me Up When September Ends - American Idiot

Epic... simply beautiful

I like the way it build up musically and emotionally.

its a beautiful song

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7Basket Case - Dookie

THIS SONG ROCKS! prob the best song on dookie. rock on... or punk on green day!

Best song from when green day was good

a great song it was great

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8American Idiot - American Idiot

Insanely Awesome "Don't wanna be an American Idiot" awesome

A lack of political or social awareness frightens me... Green Day rocked with a thought provoking song.. It IS hard to choose "the 'best'

awesome... it rocks

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9When I Come Around - Dookie

It sounds better than the other songs.

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10Longview - Dookie

best song in the whole world, personally my favourite green day song but close in line with christie road. I love the bass line, life goal to learn that.

how can this be #11?!?!?! this song is awesome! one of their greatest songs..

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11Minority - Warning

Punk punk punk!

I think that the pre-American Idiot albums (Dookie-Warning) are the best. Nimrod especially is an underrated album. Good Riddance and the hits from Dookie aren't the only good songs for those four albums. I recommend Hitchin' A Ride, Walking Contradiction, Jaded (the drums are amazing in that song) and Minority.

I don't need YOU AUTHORITY!

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12Know Your Enemy - 21st Century Breakdown

Simply... they ROCK THIS WORLD!

Know Your enemy is a revival of Green Days earlier hardcore PUNK and is by far the best song of this decade

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13Welcome to Paradise - Dookie

Great breakdown, then slowly builds up to a great climax!


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14!Viva la Gloria! - 21st Century Breakdown

starts off slow

gets rythm

ends up blowing your mind

This song is... simply amazing.
One of Green Day´s greatest songs. How can it be in 13?

You have to pay attention to the lyrics, but at the same time listen to the guitar playing some really nice chords

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15East Jesus Nowhere - 21st Century Breakdown

everything is awesome in this song

Awesome song, best song ever!

great riff

great vocals

great guitar solo

great song

great lyrics

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16She - Dookie

one of the best green day songs ever! long live gd

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1721st Century Breakdown - 21st Century Breakdown

The music is very catchy and the lyrics are 100 PUNK ROCK

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18Last Night On Earth - 21st Century Breakdown Listen to sample
19Letterbomb - American Idiot

Green days most hardcore song breaks the regular verse- chorus- bridge system … simply my fav song

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20Who Wrote Holden Caulfield? - Kerplunk!

Just marvelous! A personal favorite. The song just stands as a really good punk tune no matter which way you look at it. Sure as hell worth being in the Top 10.

This was the song that got them recognized among vast punk communities.
It is a song that shows they were brilliant EVEN before they went big.

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21Brain Stew/Jaded - Insomniac

Energetic song! starts with about 3 or 4 notes short strumming electric distortion, then goes into a steady punk rock song, a classic.

very basic riff but great nonetheless goes into an amazing song which together blows your mind

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22Misery - Warning

amazing song amazing guitar and drums... amazing band.

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23In The End - Dookie

One of the best fast jumpy green day songs ever

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24Give Me Novacaine - American Idiot Listen to sample
25St. Jimmy - American idiot

Simply the best!
Excellent song, very fast!
Love it!

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26Homecoming - American Idiot

Epic point in the adventure of Jesus of Suburbia, first St. Jimmy ( if he is real or just Jesus of Suburbia's alter ego) dies. Then throughout the rest, Jesus of Suburbia slowly realizes he needs to go home

one of the best rock operas around

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27Horseshoes and Handgrenades - 21st Century Breakdown

Great song!

It totally rocks!

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28Waiting - Warning

Amazing song! There are no words to describe... I just love it!

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29Castaway - Warning

I don't know why people always put off Warning, it is one of the best albums of all time.

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30J.A.R. - J.A.R. Single

Their best song for sure.

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31I Fought the Law - I Fought the Law Single Listen to sample
32Blood, Sex and Booze - Warning

This song is amazing

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33Restless Heart Syndrome - 21st Century Breakdown

One of the most underrated songs ever. This is the best song on 21st Century Breakdown. It's up there with the best ever Green Day songs. This and Whatsername should not be so low on this list.

One of the most underrated songs on the album. Love that whammy guitar at the end.

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34The Saints Are Coming - The Saints Are Coming (Live) Single Listen to sample
3586 - Insomniac Listen to sample
36She's A Rebel - American Idiot

A very energetic, fast, hard, rock love song

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37Whatsername - American Idiot


Has great music and is the ending keystone to the 1# hit American Idiot

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38The Grouch - Nimrod Listen to sample
39American Eulogy - 21st Century Breakdown

greatest vocals by mike dirnt

greatest guitar rhythm

all together great song

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40Peacemaker - 21st Century Breakdown

Fun song, yet 100 punk.

Love it

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41The Static Age - 21st Century Breakdown

amazing song

this song makes greenday prove they are the best band in the world

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42Walking Contradiction - Insomniac

the most awesome song on insomniac

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43Governator - American Idiot

great vocals by mike dirnt

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44Extraordinary Girl - American Idiot Listen to sample
45F.O.D. - Dookie

This song is brilliant. Manson has much to say and does it in a clever and eerie song with a catchy guitar riff.

Awesome song!
Starts off slow with an acoustic guitar then punches you in the face with fast punk

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46Shoplifter - Shoplifter Single Listen to sample
47Geek Stink Breath - Insomniac

great song

great lyrics

great riff

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48Maria - Waiting Single

great song

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49Deadbeat Holiday - Warning

great song

funny lyrics

amazing song

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50See the Light - 21st Century Breakdown

Adds an effect to the end of 21st Century Breakdown, with captivating lyrics and nice music

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