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Thriller - Michael Jackson

Michael brought us such a amazing surprise with this great album, and we all know
how hard he did for it and how much he loved his fans. We really do.

I think Everyone knows the Thriller Dance...


Who doesn't know the Thriller dance? A perfect halloween song and brilliant video to match!


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2Crane's Cry - Vitas

The lyrics, sound and imaging are beautiful. A classic image of Vitas - one of my favorite photos ever - shows up at the end of the view. It looks like Vitas is floating.

I love

Because I love Vitas

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3Lucia Di Lammermoor - Vitas

This song is perfect! Handsome Vitas voice soaring, the expert violin players, the beautiful clothes, the scenery with the opera house & the rose bower, all coming together to a perfect ending that leaves you tingling!


the song is great, the clothes are so beauteful

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4Smooth Criminal - Michael Jackson

Moonwalker version, perfect music video. Michael at his best.


the dance is great! no one can exceed it!

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5Opera No 2 - Vitas

Opera No 2 , it is the best. it makes me to think human's life!


It is the best!

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6Eden - Sarah Brightman

sarah is magnificent in everything he does his work is superb, to say his voice is maravilloza nothing to do with the joke without a voice of madonna and Celine Dion are among divas half as the true diva is the only boy, and if not Listen to him sing, I believe, live and on their cd's and dv's and discover that their voice is another level.

fantastic! utterly spellbounding.


She is the best soprano ever.She is not only a soprano,but also a an great artist.her videos make her original and unique.So,she is the best!

7This Moment - Marie Picasso

Her videos are the best!

8Winning Streak - Marie Picasso

You can see in her eyes that she has an incredible personality.

9Billie Jean - Michael Jackson

I love all songs by Michael Jackson.

I love MJ

billie jean is the best forever

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10November Rain - Guns n' Roses

This really was a kick ass video!


No video ever matched the symbolism this one made. Always underrated but forever brilliant

When he stands on the piano is the best bit.

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11Beat It - Michael Jackson

This video stands the test of time. Great voice, dancer, and a wonderful message.

I love you forever michael!


12Shores of Russia - Vitas

watching it makes one happy

it's got a feeling like home... so free...

Every time I see this mv, I would smile to sound~

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13Scream - Michael & Janet Jackson

Will always remain one of the greatest for it's special effects! Michael rules and Janet follows!

14Opera No. 1 - Vitas

this is one of the best songs of VITAS~! ~ I love you ~!

15Ding Dong Song - Günther & The Sunshine Girls

Oh, you touch my tralala, mmm, my ding ding dong!

Listen to sample
16Toxic - Britney Spears

Shes gorgeous and oozes sex appeal out of her every pore, and she looks amazing on camera. The song is amazing, and the video fits it so well. Its makes you wanna work out, dance, and have sex all in one.

this song is very strange.
but it sounds good.

hot and sexy momma

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17One - Metallica

The one with the story with it... It's awesome, it's moving. They are the best out there anyways, you bet this is one of the best.


Now the world is gone, I'm just one


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18Remember the Time - Michael Jackson
19Earth Song - Michael Jackson
20Everytime - Britney Spears

because I used to love this song and just because everything that has been going bad with her lately doesn't mean that we should treat her or her music/singing any better or worst.

21Alone - Heart

This video was great of Nancy. Ann needs to lose some weight.

I love this video. You get body shots of Nancy and only head shots of Ann (they thought she was too big)

22Take On Me - Aha

best video ever


this is my favorite song and video and everyone should love it too

For an old music video they did very good, better than some I've seen in this time.

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23Smells Like Teen Spirit - Nirvana

its nirvana! of course its awesome!

the best vid by far

Best vid in the history of vids, R. I. P Kurt...

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24La Tortura - Shakira and Alejandro Sans

This music video is awesome. No one can move thier body like Shakira can.


Because I love Shakira and Alejandro

He’s HOT and she’s HOT, in this video they were on fire. I wouldn’t mind him looking through my window.

25Beautiful - Christina Aguilera

A great music video dedicated to gay community and all people who are being discriminated!
Great support!

26Can't Stop - Red Hot Chili Peppers

Inspired by the "one-minute sculptures of erwin wurm.

This video was perfect for them. It’s so ramdom, unique and wonderfully weird like them.I think they are the only band that could do a video like this.

This is a really cool music video. The Peppers are really good with MVs, and this is one of their standouts. Bravo, barvo.

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27Like A Prayer - Madonna


28Jesus Of Suburbia - Green Day

Probally the best music video I've ever seen and also the longest at about 11:55

29Sunburn - Muse
30Ava Adore - Smashing Pumpkins

I love his outfit in this!


Great song and a great video. Never get bored of this one.

31Since U Been Gone - Kelly Clarkson

Another one of those "man, I wish I had the guts to do that"...


this is the best song I have ever heard and everyone else should hear it to... this has been y favorite song for years and its very good and great to lisen to!

32Jailhouse Rock - Elvis Presley

The 1st music video that was made

33Buttons - Pussycat Dolls

every time I hear this song it puts my in a skating mode and it makes me monna dance like no other she has inspired me!


Very innovative and shows off all of the members - Nicole rocks though!

34Innuendo - Queen

the best


35Get Right - J.Lo

I think it's awesome how many charectars she get away with playing, and her dancing is amazing.


the best

the best

36Kerosene - Miranda Lambert

Awesome. Its what every girl thinks about doing.


37Per Te - Josh Groban

Josh Groban's voice is unbeatable and it is mirrored perfectly by the dancer in the video. She moves like silk in the wind... its almost erotic to watch her and to hear his voice at the same time.

38Ghost of You - My Chemcial Romance

The production value on this one is amazing. Whatever it originally meant, I will forever associate this song with the tragedy of war. My favorite part is when the waves and soldiers rush over the dance floor. Awesome transition.


very awesome song love gerards voice

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39Tonight, Tonight - The Smashing Pumpkins

The umbrella, the moon and the end. Beautiful!

40A Kiss As Long As Eternity - Vitas

bearutiful song, beautiful mv, beautiful vitas.

41Everybody (Backstreet's Back) - Backstreet Boys

Whoc an forget the comic relief and teh awesome hotties in monster costumes and open up renaissance shirts? WOO BOYBANDS RULE!..... *is rock fan and shouldn’t be saying this* uh.. i mean It’s aight....


42Complicated - Avril Lavigne


43Sweet Child O' Mine - Guns 'N Roses

the best music video for me... simple performances but you can see the high talent... the video is very inspiring and absolutely the best in time...

44Californication - Red Hot Chili Peppers
45Jesus Christ Pose - Soundgarden

So awesome that MTV banned it


46There There - Radiohead
47Lullaby - The Cure
48Seize The Day - Avenged Sevenfold

Most. Badass. Solo. Ever.

there is no denying that this video looks like november rains and I have to admit gnr's is better... but there is also no denying synyster's solo on the coffin was badass.

49Express Yourself - Madonna
50Love the Way You Lie - Eminem Listen to sample
51Get UR Freak On - Missy Elliott

Awesome video. I love it.


52Breathe - Prodigy
53Say It Right - Nelly Furtado

Well, Nelly Furtado’s legs are the best thing there is. And in this video you can see them at least a little. So it’s simple, this is the best video ever!

54California Love - Dr. Dre and Tupac

this is an really old song but I grow up lising to and it became one of my favorite but now I hardly get the chance to lisen to it soo.. but I'm sure a lot of people would love this song it has a great beat to it and has some pretty good words!

55Sledgehammer - Peter Gabriel
56...Baby One More Time - Britney Spears

when I first saw this video I was like wow shes really pretty I wonna grow up and be just like her but that was like 14 years ago now look how she is.. I tell myself I still wonna be like her because she has always been my idol so I will gro2w up and be like her I just wont get myself into all the trouble ill be like the old britney spears

this vid showed the birth of an icon

57The Saints are Coming - U2 and Green Day
58Don't Tell Me - Avril Lavigne

I am black and not very many black people like this kind of music unless it has like an rap or an very good beat to it but when I heard this song all I could do was learn the words and sang along! so maybe you guys should to!

It’s a very cool video


59Heart Shaped Box - Nirvana

beautifully disturbing

60Us Against The World - Westlife
61Live In The Sky - T.I. feat Jamie Foxx

"Life's ups and downs they come go"
"When I die hope I live in the sky, when my folks lie to die may they live in the sky, pray to God when I die that I live in the sky."
"What goes around, comes back you know"
"When I die may I live in sky, when my folks dont survive may they live in the sky, tell God I wanna fly lemme live in the sky"

The song makes me cry every time I listen to it. Its so sad. The best vid ever.

62Here I Go Again - Whitesnake

I don't know what's hotter.. the chick or the car she's dancing on!

63I Disappear - Metallica
64The Way You Make Me Feel - Michael Jackson

This video is great. MJ is so sexy in it!


65One, Two Step - Ciara

Everybody was trying to do it when it first came out - but no one can move their body like Ciara can!

66Hurt - Nine Inch Nails

Theres just something about this video.

67One - U2
68Sunshine - Lil Flip


69Somebody's Me - Enrique Iglesias

very cool

70Hands Clean - Alanis Morissette
71Liar - Taking Back Sunday


so original

Nice Song, Nice Video..!

72Learn to Fly - Foo Fighters
73Black or White - Michael Jackson
74Song To Say Goodbye - Placebo
75Rain on Me - Ashanti

ashanti has the best songs ever and her vidoes are great. sometimes they do make them a little over to sexy but who cares its her vocie that counts. I would rather her be doing all this sexy dancing and movement then some really ugly girl.. you pick your choices

This video is SEX.

76All That I've Got - The Used
77Sorry - Madonna
78Love Is Gone - David Guetta
79One Mic - Nas
80Material Girl - Madonna Listen to sample
Visit Material Girl - Madonna Website
81Miss You In a Heartbeat - Def Leppard Listen to sample
82Black Hole Sun - Soundgarden Listen to sample

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