Artists With The Best Lyrics

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Michael Jackson

yes he is! he really is! his the best artist of all time! his songs really lasts for a lifetime.. he will always be remembered by people now and even the next generation!


Best Artist of all Time!


there is no need to explain why!!!


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Freddy Mercury is the shit. He has the greatest voice ever and amazing words to accompany it. :) He is the coolest.


When listeing to their music, it had the ability to take you from tears to jumping up and shaking it all in one album.


He is the best ever. He sang for equality and love. He will always the best even if in our DAY POEPLE THINK THAT EMINANE, NAS OR JAYZ ARE THE BEST, BUT ALL OFF THEN DO RESPECT PAC

deff should be on top of this list!

The most original and unique rapper to ever exist.


His talent is simply beyond compare. His performances are beautiful beyond words. While every song he sings touches my heart, my favorites remain those that he wrote himself. Mama and Angel Without a Wing are two songs that are pure miracles. I am stunned to listen to and experience the full effect of them.

They are the most beautiful song I have ever heard! they are poem , full of thought , full of melodies, beyond comparison!

His lyrics are always very beautiful and full of meaning. definitely vitas!

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5Bob Dylan

I just listen and go "How does he do that! "

Bob Dylan is just a great songwiter I mean who could beat Like A Rolling Stone... no one that's who!

"When the Musical Artist themselves are poled regarding songwriting/lyrics instead of fans, Dylan is always #1. Jimi Hendrix and John Lennon adored, "Dylan".

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7The Beatles

Best band of all time. Most creative lyrics ever. Even when you don't seem to understand what the heck they're talking about, you fall in love with their words more and more with every repeat.

Not a huge fan of the Beatles vocals, but you can't deny that their lyrics are genius. True artistry.

9Lou Reed

walk on the wildside.
perfect day.
im so free.

prostitutes. drugs. getting cleaan. art

10The Doors



Stan had the best lyrics ever

12Red Hot Chili Peppers

under the bridge

"Come Back Strong with 50 belly Dancers"

13Linkin Park
14Led Zeppelin

Mystic lyrics written by highly thoughtful men.

15Green Day
16Snoop Dogg
17Lil Wayne

wayne is the hottest. the rest... no good.

18Jimi Hendrix
19Kurt Cobain

All his lyrics go deeper than just "Rape me" they've got meaning in his own personal life

21Celine Dion

bradley is a legend... who the monkey is vitas?

23My Chemical Romance
24Kelly Clarkson
25Avril Lavigne
27Beastie Boys
28John Lennon

his songs had more meanings then other artists can say for themselves



Amazing lyricists

Death Blooms


30Bruce Springsteen
31Leonard Cohen
32Chris Martin
34Guns N' Roses

Always Thought Provoking


37Johnny Cash
39Dir en Grey
40Donna Fargo

Not an ordinary country music star... Donna Fargo wrote 80 of her songs and were very well written heartfelt songs about life, love and America. Not like so many other country songs about cheating and drinking.

41Rage Against The Machine
42Joaquin Sabina
44The Cars
45Billy Talent
47Joni Mitchell
48Elvis Costello
50Lupe Fiasco
51James Taylor
52Kanye West
53Tears For Fears

You feel all the anger, hate, and any emotiond expressed in their songs

55Hank Williams
56Kris Kristofferson
57Smashing Pumpkins
58Patti Smith
59Def Leppard
60Adam Duritz - Counting Crows
61Nick Drake

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