Worst Female Artists

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Paris Hilton

Referring to Paris Hilton as a Musical Artist is like a reference to a cement mixer as a musical instrument.


yea all she is pretty dumb... and about the sing thing please... she should just forget it we all know why she's famous...

I didn't even know she sang! She doesn't even do ANYTHING! The only reason she's famous is because her great garndfather founded Hilton Hotels. Other than that, SHE CAN'T ACT OR SING!

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Ugh she disgusts me her songs are horrible and her voice, too. How come she's even a SINGER?!

horrible nasty yuck

She's more about image, not musical artistry. She has danced life a middle-aged yoga instructor since she was in her 20's and literally invented the concept of selling 'Sex' (her panned book).

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3Britney Spears

She is very so nasy eww laugh out loud sorry to the britney fans but you know she has no voice compared to christina aguilera or justin timberlake from mickey mouse club and she shaved her head so...

The music sucks, the voice sucks, the hype is ridiculous. This woman cannot sing, so why is she a star? Absolutely annoying and completely forgettable.

She has a weak voice, she is nothing compared to Christina or Justin and the rest of the 90's disney gang.


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4Miley Cyrus

she does not know how to sing and if she does, it sounds like a woman being raped


she sucks totally

she gets successful with the support of those disney people behind her. she herself sucks and has no talents at all!

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She just can't sing... Well at least she isn't as bad as Rihanna... But her vocal technique just sucks

I just don't like her songs.

She can't sing...
She can strip...

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6Lil Kim

Does she have a mirror in her bathroom? Seriously!

What a disgrace to Black women everywhere - she is pure trash!

7Sarah Brightman

She is the worst, period!

Why this woman was ever hailed as the BEST Christine Daae I shall never know! There have been dozens who have sung AND acted circles around this human chipmunk...

Definitely thinks highly of herself and it shows in her arrogance of music selection. Not only is her voice completely annoying (like the sound radios made when someone was trying to get a signal in an old movie), but she tries to make her money with utter musical tripe. Like it doesn't really matter how terrible the music is because her voice is so amazing. It's gross, she's gross. If nature allowed same gender reproduction, she and Celine Dion could birth the anti-christ.

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8Jessica Simpson

She can't sing, can't act. And now she is a fat pig,
I've seen her on some talk shows and she is so incredibly arrogant and unaware of how unremarkable she really is. YUCK!

Calling her an artist is a stretch. Shes a pig.

9Lindsay Lohan
10Ashlee Simpson

She shouldn't be on this list because she is NOT and artist. SHE IS NOTHING!


11Mariah Carey

Just... UGH

Thank you to those of you who really appreciate good music and to those who recognize truly BAD music, like everything she does.

Oh My God, shes so trashy, and shes SO overrated... her music sucks, its all about sex and money and boyfriends... SAVE ME

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12Courtney Love

sorry but, why the hell isn’t COURTNEY LOVE on this list? she beats out all those other chicks. although ashlee simpson’s debatable..

13Marie Picasso

please, people hardly know her and how come she tops some of the lists in the website? no way in hell.

LOL @ her! It's a joke that she has her name on some of the lists in the site! Talentless freak!


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14Sheryn Regis

shes an asias female best singer ever unlike srah and rachelle ann they are poor of voice

Isn't this a talk show?

15Jennifer Lopez


jennifer lopez is not a singer. she is just a wannabe. she is a not a whitney or a mariah. whitney and mariah have voices jennifer does not. she should stick with acting.

16Shania Twain

Shania's songs all sound the same with stupid cracking thing she does!

shania twain is a very good singer but her self composed songs are not that good.

17Hillary Duff

i wish i could vote for everyone on this list but this just cant be ignored
i mean who actually things she can act or sing?


Not exactly one of my favorite lists. But Hillary Duff is my choice.

Worst one. point blank. chick performed her whole c. d at the be bash.

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18Lady GaGa

Very hard to look at and the halloween costumes do not help. Is she a singer or a hallowenn costume model?

She's a man, so she really shouldn't be on this list. She has a bigger package than Michael Jackson and Justin Beiber combined

she uses auto tune like most rappers do now a days, and she is sort of a whore.

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19Whitney Houston

freakin drug addict.

20Christina Aguilera


Aside from yelling and wailing in her vocals when she controls her voice it can be nice. Christina Aguilera also ruins her originality by being a Marilyn Monroe wannabe. Christina Aguilera has not gone a day, year for the last 13 years without saying, dressing in some magazine cover, music video, promo with something Marilyn Monroe has already said, done or wore. Christina Aguilera is delusional to think she's Marilyn Monroe. Christina needs to stop being a wannabe and focus on her vocals before her obsession with channeling Marilyn Monroe for everything is what she is remembered for.

Britney is much better. Xtina copying her all the time

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21Sarah Geronimo

I agree! shes the ugliest singer in the world! shes a flirt and a lier! shes so plasctic she really don't think of her fans she only thinks of herself... shes not a good model to everyone! she has a very bad attitude!


Extremely OVERRATED. Her voice is average and she over sings all the time. And she looks like an elf. Ugly.

22Janet Jackson

she's beautiful but she can't sing!

23Mylene Farmer
24Ann Wilson

Ann Wilson is one of the worst singers that I've ever seen

OMG someone please help Ann Wilson. She was once a great singer what happened to her. She can't hit the notes like she used to. It so painful to hear her now.


Very beautiful and has good songs, but its not like she writes them and without her voice being over-produced she sounds awful.

Umbrella, ella, ella, eh, eh, eh. REALLY!?!? that crap people consider music. people we only have a couple of more years to deal with it before she fades and appears on VH1's where are they now. bear down!

She's boring!

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26Celine Dion

One of the great mysteries of our time. This horse faced shrew screeches out the most annoying crap I've ever heard with that asinine Quebecois accent. Damn, she sucks!

Poor Celine she tries hard

27Nelly Furtado

Too nasally. Her songs are getting worse. Not only do my ears hurt, my speakers are begging me for mercy.

Eager to please crap. Annoying nasal voice and can't believe she is still around.

28Selena Gomez



One of the WORST pseudo-voices I ever heard!

total crap

The end of destiny's child should have been the end of beyonce's career too!

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30Taylor Swift

Lucky for her talent is so O-U-T anyway. Looks like a llama but not quite the singer those little guys are...

Her voice resembles the sound of a sheep being tortured with a steel rod and a pair of pliers.

Her voice resembles the sound of a sheep being tortured with a steel rod and a pair of pliers.

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31Justin Bieber

Sweet kid but rather odd... and his music is all the same


All the "music" she writes is garbage. It really is. She is someone with a country voice singing trashy "pop" music.

she is supposed to be a singer

i thought was just a stupid comedy show
just kidding though she downright sucks


OMG horrible

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33Kylie Minogue

Fake, short, ordinary, dumb and talentless. Who in their right mind would like this woman. Must have pretty bad taste in my opinion

she can't sing and her music sucks. She is trying to be her younger sister ' Dannii". Dannii is the only real Minogue

34Nancy Wilson

Nancy Wilson from Heart has been overrated for years. She sings very badly and plays an amateur guitar. She rode on the backs of Fisher, Leese and even her own singer sister Ann for far too long.

35Charice Pempengco

eww.. she sucks

she is a good singer but obviously.. SHE JUST ONLY PUT HER VOICE IN TO SHOUT.. like duh I know she's young BUT DUH. SOME PEOPLE CAN do it too.. they are not really discovered that's why.. and her head is too big.. ew

36Jennifer Nettles

Makes me want to scratch my eyes out and crawl into a dark, soundproof cave.

The singer for Sugarland; her irritating nasally hillbilly twang sounds like someone is trying to shove a cat through a trumpet.

37Avril Lavigne


this little poser should be put down to sleep

38Stevie Nicks

I have to laugh about Stevie Nicks. There was a very funny sound clip playing a few years ago entitled "Stevie Nicks... What the HELL is she saying? " Every time I hear her it makes me wonder how a hamster would sound trying to sing with a packed jaw! "Inna velvet underrgroun, Inna a womb with lace anna papah flowlahs. " WHAT THE HELL INDEED?

Stevie Nicks is the worst singer I have ever listened to in my life. I don't know what the hype always was with her... She can't sing in tune and that fake stuff she does with her voice... Awful.

How Stevie got to be so popular is far beyond my comprehension. Terming her as a "fair" singer is a compliment. Another so-called singer that should be on the worst list is Janis Joplin! Her voice makes my spine curl! HURL!

39Vanessa Hudgens

vanessa thinks she all so famous for having number ones but no! shes never had one STUPID WEIRDO!

40Katie Perry
41Barbara Mandrell
42Regine Velasquez

Songs sound distorted beyond recognition, without regard for the key in which the music was written

Talentless wannabe singer... No personality at all. An empty head hidden behind incomprehensible applause to a lame throat...


she sounds like a man!

44Agnes Monica

She is a fake. She claimed herself to be the artists of the world. But no international perform. No single she just a mini Beyonce and Christina Aguilera from asia. The most recent she tried to copycat Jessie J

Bad bad and very bad singer beyonce weanna be too much.. SHE is suck.

45Natalie Merchant

I find her voice REALLY annoying. Sort of monotone and whiny. I am completely mystified as to why people like her.

46Bill Kaulitz

Ugh! I just HATE! Tokio Hotel! They're fans are so annoying! They think they are better than everyone else! Ugh! Pathetic! His music sounds so horrible like my dog taking a crap!

47Regina Spektor

What is this crap? She's homely as a mud fence and "sings" like a retarded little girl. Cutesy garbage for morons who'll buy anything.

48La Toya Jackson

no comment


Bjork must take the great Christina Aguilera's place. To compare her with Britney displays a total ignorance of real singing!

50Sheryl Crow

Awesome great songs awesome voice immrnsly popular as well favorite mistake awesome song can play several instruments mu fave

51Toni Braxton

I just don't see the talent like when she performed for the party of the World Cup like 2nd song was horrible because at first she was not singing right because I couldn't hear her she made a fool of herself with some of her dancing like she was drunk

53Rachelle Ann Go
54Demi Lovato
55La Toya Jackson

her voice is really bad her voice should be good like her brothers and sisters but it is definitely not. it sounds like a dead cat

56Jessie J

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