Most Missed Deceased Musicians

Sometimes they were gone too soon. For most people, any musician who is no longer with us was gone too soon. This is a list of musicians you wish hadn't kicked the bucket. Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.


Michael Jackson

The quick fox jumped over the lazy dog, which in turn killed Michael Jackson. Kill the fox!

I still can't belive that he has pasted away. You are truley missed Michael Jackson. WE WILL ALWAYS LOVEU

King of Dance, King of Entertainment, and 300 million + dollars to charity. Specializing in far more fields than Elvis, Michael Jackson wrote, arranged, composed, choreographed, acted & painted. Pop culture's the Vinci. Remained ridiculously humble through it all too. Michael made pop music on par with rock during a time when it was dismissed as crap. He was the first pop music stadium act. The theatrics he has brought to the stage, not to mention the fact that he was whipping up a frenzy everywhere he went even when he wasn't making music. His fainting and hysterical fans let him know that he was still loved until the end of his life. 1958/infinity.

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2Freddie Mercury

If you think about how much more Freddie Mercury could have added to the music industry, he clearly climbs to the top of this list.


Freddie' s voice had such a huge range. I think he had more music in him and died too young.

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3John Lennon

John Lennon acquired much more than Michael Jackon ever did... He was arguably the leader of The Beatles, the biggest cultural phenomenon of the 20th century. The fact Jackson tried to gain their copyright and what have you, getting into a feud with Paul McCartney sort of douches his up as well...

John, you are forever missed. So tragic how you were shot. May he rest in peace. Long live John.

4Kurt Cobain

Why is he this low. Ask kids today and they know who Elvis is. Not all know those above.

This is a biased list, most adults old enough to have been really moved by Elvis have better things to do than to sit online commenting on trivia like this. Younger people are more familiar with Michael Jackson so it's no doubt he is ahead in this poll, but those who grew up with computers and the overexposure of video and 24 hour television have no clue about the impact Elvis had and the doors he opened for artists of all races to get played on the radio or play to a racially mixed audience. He changed that, but younger people today haven't a clue about those days and what things were like in the early days of rock music, they assume everything was like it is today when it comes to society's view on music. Elvis was the biggest star in the world at the time of his death, he still holds the record for most records sold even though the music- buying population has more than doubled since his rise to fame. He's still generating a huge amount of revenue 30+ years after his death, and his influence can still be seen in the artists of today. Michael Jackson was great, but Elvis wins hands down.

Elvis. Maybe Amy Winehouse. The thing is though, Elvis had style. Best song: A Little Less Conversation.

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Duh his lyrical genuis sculpted hip hop. And sadly hip hop will never be the same without him. You know "life goes on" like his song says but his music about racial equality and equal treatment of women will always be here. I mean look at all of the albums released after he died and coachella. My point is 2pac will always be king of hip hop.

7Janis Joplin
8Jim Morrison
9Jimi Hendrix
10Sid Vicious

Very good influence on my life. Told me what was bad to do and... What was bad to do. Marvelous person.

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11George Harrison
12Bon Scott - AC/DC

I never liked ac/dc as well as when bon scott was alive. The albums with him singing are hands down, the groups best. Brian johnson's vocals suck big time can you imagine how great back in black would be with bon?

13Frank Zappa

One of the least conventional artists I've ever listened to. Quite original and unique. Zappa possessed such a great analytical mind, and his style was never for the sake of crowd-pleasing.

14Johnny Cash
15Amy Winehouse

Amazing voice! Outstanding song-writing ability. She's the one I miss the most.

16Jerry Garcia

tireless innovator, marvelous player, huge on melody & master of the free form jam! Sadly missed but I still have that magical music!

17Dimebag Darrell - Pantera

She was on the precipice of super stardom when she passed away. It was a tragedy that she died so young. She did things the right way in her career and she was very graceful and real. She was a beautiful person both on the inside and on the outside. Her voice and dance moves are still being emulated to this day by other new artists. If you were into the Hip Hop scene in the mid to late 90's you definitely would miss her! Her R&B sound definitely contributed to the success of the R&B and Hip Hop culture of the late 90's.

Near perfect singing voice and a gorgeous young woman who died way to early.

19Charlie Rich
20Captain Beefheart
21Buddy Holly

One of the greatest pioneers of rock and roll


22Sam Cooke

No one can replace this man's enormous contributions to the world of music. He is the King Of Soul and the BEST singer of all time.


23Clarence Clemons
24Karen Carpenter - The Carpenters

She was one very gifted singer and today more than ever just read the hundreds of comments on youtube all stating her absolutely beautiful voice

25Townes Van Zandt
26Laura Nyro
27Warren Zevon
28Andrew Gold Listen to sample
29Billy Preston
30Benjamin Orzechowski - The Cars

They couldn't have don't it without him, the person behind the partial success of the classic rock band the CARS, and the voice behind the songs that made the CARS popular, such as Just What I Needed, Lets Go, Candyo and their number 1 hit from 1984, the haunting Drive. Ben did have medium success with his solo career with his album Stay the Night, 1986. All us fans of the CARS want to add him to the list of most missed artists of all time.


31Layne Staley - Alice In Chains
32Johnny/Joey/Dee Dee Ramone - The Ramones
33Marvin Gaye.
34Otis Redding
35Terry Kath - Chicago
36Jimmy 'The Rev' Sullivan
37Phyllis Hyman Listen to samples

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