Most Legendary Musicians

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Michael Jackson

Legend= MJ
Who else?
Michael jackson is untouchable and no one can ever reach his lengendariness ev

a Legendary singer, dancer and human being. There's no description to Michael Jackson

Who else other than the King himself!

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2Sarah Brightman
3K. S. Chithra

living legend

She is best of best


4Paul McCartney

The best!

Also Paul won 13 grammy awards in his solo career, a doctorate of music from Sussex University in 1988 and a doctorate from Yale in 2008, and he has been in the Guiness Book of World Records since October 1979 when he got a spec ial award as the most successful song composer of all time!

His early -mid 1970's music was his best post Beatles music, his first solo album McCartney where he played every instrument by himself for the first time is a good album and he played so many instruments great, and he played every instrument again 10 years later on McCartney 2 (although I don't like that album)his Wings albums REd Rose Speedway and Band On The Run are very good and only he and Denny Laine played every instrument on this album, and the 1975 Wings rock album Venus and Mars is a great album and he produced all of these albums too. There are 3 great songs on his second solo album Ram, Too Many People is a great rocker, Uncle Albert is brilliant and Back Seat of My Car is also very good.

Paul was also already playing the guitar and writing his own songs at only 14 and started to soon after his mother Mary who was a nurse and a midwife died of breast cancer and he wrote the beautiful song Let It Be about her after he saw her alive in a realistic dream he had 12 years after she died, and she told him in this dream to just accept things as they are. He said in his authorized biography Many Years From Now that when he woke up he thought how wonderful it was to see her again.

He also wrote the pretty song I'll Follow The Sun when he was only 16.

And Paul also played most of the instruments on his 1997 Flaming Pie album, and his 2 recent acclaimed popular albums, Chaos And Creation In The Backyard, and Memory Almost Full. And John Paul Jones, David Gilmore, John Bonham


He has unique voice, personality and carisma. For me he is one of the best singers of the world. I love him.

The spectacular Russian singer!

Absolutely the best. Always.

6Elvis Presley

Dude- they don't call him "The King" for nothing. Just saying'.

7Bob Marley

Bob marley shows his expretions for the humanity around this world that remember the right of any man to get up and stand up for his life although poor or reach.. And he pardon the people ho shot them, and the conflict government of a country realize and sympathize the music of bob marley and deicide to make a peace and unity of bob marleys concert and bob rise the hands of the conflict government and show a peace of a million people around the stage and dance and sing and give praise to the lord... And for a little thing trouble don't be angry and lessen to the music of a true legendary... Don't worry about a thing cause every little thing gonna be alright... Lets get together and lets fight the holy armageddeon.. One love one heart..


It hasn't been that long since 2Pac has been gone, but he made amazing music, said provocative things, and opened up the minds of many. It also hasn't been that long since hip-hop has come up, but 2Pac helped to put that respect on the map.

9John Lennon
10Luciano Pavarotti

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11Celine Dion
12Kurt Cobain

He is way better than Michael Jackson! He was a true legend unlike some musicians here like Mariah Carey

13Diana Ross
14Elton John

4th best selling musician of all time. Has almmost every award you can think of in music, even has an Oscar.

15Mariah Carey

Her legs and thighs are legendary but oh well, her music is too.

16Jimi Hendrix

In the same level as Segovia, DeLucia, Vai, Rienhardt, and Montgomery. In some aspects he surpasses them, in others not. If my life depended on which one I picked, I would always pick Hendrix.

Jimi Hendrix is the only one and the last ever in the history of artistic guitar player with his own kind.

Jimi Hendrix made the electric guitar what it is today! He experimented a lot with distortion, feedback and wah-wah pedals. Which created heavy guitar sounds never heard before. Along with his improvised complex solos he created a distinguished warm electric sound, everyone imitated after him!

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17Whitney Houston
18Freddie Mercury

Freddy Mercury was a virtuoso. He could handle all styles & give it a dandy exaggerated twist some like Roxy music at the same time in the 70's..
of which both I more like their later work ;-)
I sometimes wonder how Queen would have sounded these days or how they would have evolved with Freddy still leading it!

20Bob Dylan
21David Bowie
22Curtis Mayfield
23Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

The greatest sufi and qawali singer of 20th century.

24Miles Davis

One of the most Influential Jazz trumpetists of all time! He is the inventor of many jazz styles like jazz fusion and cool jazz. Miles Davis samples are also heard in electronic music and hiphop!

25Lionel Richie
26Marvin Gaye
27Eddie Vedder
28Aretha Franklin
29Janis Joplin

She had unique vocals, an outrageous personality that could also be shy and she broke racial and gender barriers.

30Jerry Garcia

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