Greatest Singing Voice of All Time

Karen Carpenter - The Carpenters

Comments about Karen Carpenter - The Carpenters

Her voice is perfection, there are none better!

Clear and soulful voice. Not a screaming lunatic like the current female singers of today.

No woman can sing better than her.

Such a crystal clear and pure voice. Not a powerful voice along the lines of Mariah, Celine, and Whitney, but a beautiful, flawless voice that makes you melt when you listen to her. It's too bad she had to leave us so early.

Are you all too young? Take a listen to her, like "Superstar", and then vote. Good god, Mariah couldn't "Carey" a tune trying to sing any Carpenter's songs!

The greatest female voice of all time! No one ever could match the emotion in her voice not to mention the technical perfection. She is sorely missed.

Karen Carpenter is one of the best singers of all time with her beautiful, warm crystal clear voice that can warm anyone on a cold winter night.

listen to any song, or watch any performance she ever did, she's pitch perfect every time. And has a voice like velvet.

Most lovely alto voice I've ever heard. She had more vocal power than any woman alive today.

Her tone and clarity, like smooth velvet, will ensure she remains as a favourite for all time.

The best period. Pure perfection.

Karen Carpenter's voice transcends any period of time. Her smooth yet powerful vocals will remain as the number one voice of all time for years to come. No one like hers. Good job Karen!
Marcello Fernans

Karen Carpenter has a warm, beautiful smooth voice that I believe no one, except maybe Nat "King" Cole and Barbra Streistand.

Karen Carpenter belongs at #1 hands down!

truly the greatest of all time

Putting aside Charlotte Church, a classical soprano unlike Karen's alto, Karen Carpenter is probably the best, and certainly among the top 5, female pop voices of the 20th Cent. Listen to "Eve" or "Superstate" and you will understand.

This low? She has been gone for a long time. If anyone were to take the trouble to search her recordings out, to see what they may have missed, would forever be haunted by her voice.

Better than most above her on this list... In my humble opinion the best female voice of all time.
Was such a shame that the world lost her at such a young age

The purest, cleanest voice of all time. She didn't need any vocal pyrotechnics to sound beautiful. Every note was wonderful.

Indescribable! Truly amazing. If only she had lived longer, the world could use more of her talent.

I can't believe she is this far down on the list. Obviously, many have not listened to her.

The Greatest female voice of all time. She sung with her heart just listen you can't stop.

Effortless power, perfect pitch, and flawless phrasing. Best lady's voice of all time