Greatest Singing Voice of All Time

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Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson is absolutely amazing I love him soo much :]

I`m Chinese, I like MJ more than I can say. MJ, the king of the world, he`s invincible. Americans should be proud of him, he has moved the world.

With out a doubt the best the world had to offer... Sadly a sudden end but the legend live on in our hearts

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2Garth Brooks Listen to samples
3Kevin Cronin Listen to samples

he is unique

He's the best

Vitas is unparalleled in vocals. To experience Vitas is to become immersed in companionship and emotion that lay dormant too long. He is the flower of all that artists have brought to us through the ages.

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5Rob Thomas Listen to samples
6Huey Lewis Listen to samples
7Randy Travis Listen to samples
8Ann Wilson - Heart

Range and power. At a live performance her voice penetrates and makes the hair stand on the back of your neck.

Simply the best. Strength, range, her voice is amazing. She has it all. Take a listen all you auto-tune "singers". Ann Wilson is the gold standard.

Greatest female rock voice of all time!
She is number one, her range is unreal!

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9Sarah Brightman

Sarah is the Perfection in music. She is just WONDERFUL!

Just amazing...

I love Brightman. Think she's underrated; doesn't seem to get the attention she deserves. She's also really beautiful.

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10Mark Schultz Listen to samples


11Mark Schultz Listen to samples
12Steve Perry - Journey

No one, I mean no one can deliver a song like this guy. A delicately powerful voice and unmatched and skill. Just pure tone, it's ethereal.

Not only does Perry have the golden voice, but he sings with a passion that is simply non-existent. In "Open Arms" he says to "believe what I say"... And we do!

What can be said other that Steve Perry's voice comes once in a life time. The sound of his voice is heaven and that just make your heart melt. Just write a song any song and Steve Perry can sing it.

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13Freddie Mercury - Queen

The first man to create a solo voice orgy.

The best voice in the history of rock and roll, the leading singer of my dream band. A pristine voice accompanied by a flamboyant character.

Freddie Mercury could sing anything from rock to opera, he has a 3 1/2 octave range and he entertained, he was magical.


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14Shirley Bassey

Amazing voice this lady has!

Without a doubt Shirley Bassey has one of the greatest voices of all time! With such a powerful voice she can sing in just about any genre of music you give her.

Frank Sinatra, the chairman of the Board once said, 'Take Shirley Bassey who has the greatest set of vocal pipes in the world! "

Shirley Bassey's voice is awesome!

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15Elvis Presley

They don't call him the King for nothing. The richest and most versatile voice in modern history

He is the absolute greatest musician of all-time. He can sing those low and slow love songs, but also kick it up with some fast rock songs. Very versatile.


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16Marie Picasso

Marie is awesome!

The best singing voice of all time = Marie Picasso

17Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey is my favorite singer. I mean her voice is the reason why. She should be called the Goddess of Pop. But she should've been in the
Top 5. Best female artist of all time.

When you hear Carey sing, its like listening to an angel. There's so much to her voice that cannot be compared to the likes of Celine Dion and Whitney Houston. The power, the range, the quality, and the soul of her voice are beyond talented! She's undoubtedly the Queen of Pop, Queen of Rnb, Queen of Billboard Charts, Queen of Melismas, and The Voice of our Generation!

The best female recording artist in history, I mean do I need to explain more?!

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18Whitney Houston

No one can sing as well as whitney she is so amazing her control is out of this world and the power that comes out of her is unreel all proffesinal singers are very good because they would not beying doing what they are doing if they were not very good but whitney is a new level no singer is nowhere as amazing flawless siger as she was umblevible the best voice to ever grace this planet

Whitney reached something that seemed to be beyond human possibilities. Through her life she herself proved that sometimes in this world there happens a combination that is unrepeatable, and that only a combination may amuse all. Not even one person in this world can tell - I don't like it. She reached something unexplainable, through her voice she enters to every person's heart. The combination of delicacy and power, genes, individual talent, intelligence, kindness and self confidence. Charisma and beauty. Ideal. Extreme positive. Still I would prefer she saved herself and sang only to the few. Remember all, your own being for yourself and your family and close friends and a happy peaceful life is worth more than any fame. Always put away everything when you suspect it is harmful to you. No matter if it is drugs, alcohol, sex, music or another person. Never let anyone to hurt you. If you won't let it happen no one will do it to you. Don't run away. Pick only what you want and need and ignore the rest. Ignorance to the world this is what will let you survive. Take care only for your peace and quiet. If only she knew how to ignore.

Whitney Houston is by far the best vocalist of all time. The complexity of her inflections, as well as the versatility and colors of her tone, made her into one of the most unique singers that you could have ever heard. Her tone was light and airy, but at the same time she could convert to darker tones. She's like the Maria Callas of pop music. Sure Ms. Carey comes close, and has a wider range MC - 5.5 octaves, WH - 4.3 octaves, but her tone was never as clear, soulful, or as strong as Whitney's. Rachelle Ferrell is undoubtedly the only one that could trump both.

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19Christina Aguilera

Best voice the human race could ever produce in history. Voters here should be ashamed of theirselves for not putting her at the top of the chart.

There's not enough words to describe Christina Aguilera's voice. It's powerful. Soulful, raw, beautiful, sweet, emotionful, rich and strong. She's the best female singer in the world. There's NO other singer in the world who can sing like her, who can sing each genre of music so perfectly. Every single song, every note she sings seizes to amaze and capture my attention with awe. Lots of singers are amazed how amazing she sounds.

By far the best voice of all time, shes the whole package. Her voice is timeless and I don't think another like hers will come around.

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20Celine Dion

WE love you celine!

There is nobody out there that will ever even come close to compare to her she's unstoppable what I would like to see is somebody on the voice sing a Celine Dion song why haven't I seen that it can't be done

I thought we said best voice of all time? Celine dion, Arethra Franklin, Mariah, Whitney, Patsy Cline, etc... You know, good voices. Where does Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, Steve Perry, etc - good dancers, entertainers fit in on this list. This list is almost a complete waste for finding good voices because some people junked it up with singers that belong in different categories.

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21Karen Carpenter - The Carpenters

Her voice is perfection, there are none better!

Clear and soulful voice. Not a screaming lunatic like the current female singers of today.

No woman can sing better than her.

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22Matthew Bellamy - Muse

This man sings like an angel, classical, rock, falsetto, he can do it all!

One of the best voices I ve ever heard! So emotional and powerful. He makes every song special. There is not one song of him that I don't like.

23Britney Spears

Among a world filled with overpowering Britney Spears stands above the rest. Her unique vocals allows her voice to hit every emotion, and that is what puts her above the rest.

From her debut charismatic vocals in the timely classic "... Baby one more time"(1998) to her seductive, yet appealingly unique and sexy, vocals in "Toxic" (2004), Britney Spears has proven that she is the whole package. First striping herself down to the world in 1998, she showed that she was like no other teenage girl and neither was her voice. Although not of the strongest in her generation, her voice will forever be quickly identifiable and grab our attentions faster than the 6 o clock news on 9/11.

she touches me when she sings and I think that's what makes a great artist, it's not about how loud you sing or about how you can hit high notes, it's how real you are and she has that, Everytime is a pop masterpiece

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24Declan Galbraith

Declans voice as a boy singer was without any doubt the purest and most enjoyable, way ahead of his contempories. Add to that his appealing natural personality, he was a winner, a star - but where are you now Declan? you can still win the hearts of your fans and the British people with your great mature voice. If Sir Cliff Richard can do it, you certainly can... looking forward to hearing more of your singing in the future!


he has a voice from heaven´╝ühe is so lovely and handsome


Declan is NOT an angel. Hes just a person with a voice as wide as a field of grass. A very nice field of grass.

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25K.S. Chithra

Chithra from India has an excellent voice range(octaves). Her voice is soothing and she is the voice of Asia.
Excellent list of songs by Chithra. She has won numerous awards including national awards.

she is having great singing voice than any others


Her voice is heart touching, she ablity to sing all kind of songs from bottom of heart


26Axl Rose

signature voice that been love of the million people in the whole wolrd... nothing else but he...

He has mad skills for vocals!

pure awesome he could sing any note perfectly

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27Josh Groban


He makes you feel like singing out like he does. no one comes close. beautiful.

Britney Spears? That has to be a joke! Her voice is a joke without vocal enhancements and she lip-syncs at her concerts. Her presence on this list makes this whole list worthless.

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28Roy Orbison

Even Elvis said Roy was the best singer ever. But I don't need Elvis to say it, Iknow it.

Right behind bing Crosby as worlds greatest all time singer.
Of course no other human has ever matched Crosby

Greatest range/depth of any singer... Period. Even has Elvis beat.
Sorely missed. RIP Roy... You touched lives like no other!

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29Kelly Clarkson

She is definitely the best female vocalist of the 20th century. It's beyond doubt that she has what it takes to make it to the top tep.

Kelly Clarkson is most certainly one of the best vocalists of all time. The inagural winner of American IDol wowed the world with her incredible vocals and still today is considered as one of the best singers of all time, simply because her voice is so rich and power. On top of the clairty of her voice, she is also the most versatile singer of all time. Being able to change her voice to fit almost any genre, in her albums she has sang pop, pop-rock, rock, country, blues, R&B, urban, and almost any other style of music imagineable. She is the vocal chameleon when it comes to singing.

by far the best

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30Frank Sinatra

Frank is the greatest singer ever, should be number 1

Frank Sinatra... need I say more? should be number ONE - people its not just about who is popular at the moment, listen to Sinatra's back catalog, his voice is magic. Outclasses almost everyone on this list!

Just listen to Sinatra's 1955 rendition of "In the wee small hours of the morning" it's an example of one of his hundreds of perfectly sung songs

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31Kurt Cobain - Nirvana

Best creative spirit and a unique voice. This guy is a natural that created a brand new genre of music.

this guy must be in 1st place!

Should not be behind Britney Spears... and I don't hate Britney.

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32Elkie Brooks

Elkie Brooks is without doubt the best female singer the U. K. has produced. Her concerts are a must see. Powerful voice.


Sings Rock, Blues , Jazz. GREAT




33John Lennon

I think his voice is evenly matched with paul mccartney's and I love hearing him sing his unique and creative songs.


Lennon And McCartney #1 and 2.

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34Amy Lee - Evanescence

she has a beautiful voice

She has one of the most beautiful, unique voices in my opinion, no one before or after her!

Most underrated voice of all time

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35Jon Bon Jovi

he's one of the best singers. and that for almost 25 years!

he has such a great voice


36Gladys Knight

Amazing voice

The First Lady of Soul

37Chris Cornell

He can sing as soft or as hard as anyone in this list. Is this the most famous voices or entertainers list? I thought the question was best voices? Listen to his live stuff (covers too)and then listen to the other's live stuff.

Chris has a unique, powerful voice, no wonder his was chosen for a James Bond film theme. A Humble genius.

He has the greatest range. What's the world coming to when people think that Kelly Clarkson has a better voice than Chris. I'm getting angry.

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38Eddie Vedder - Pearl Jam

#1 Top vocalist of ALL time. I have yet to hear another that I absolutely love to hear at any given time. His passion for what he believes comes out in the strength of his songs weather it be personal or public. His voice has effected millions and makes me fell that he cares for me and how I feel even though he doesn't know me personally.

Eddie vedder has a golden baritone voice, and screams like no other.

Eddie Vedder has had 27 singles and has sold more than 28 million albums. Pearl Jam is a first ballot Hall of Fame band and he can bring it.

39James Hetfield - Metallica

Long live Hetfield and Metallica! Definitely one of the best in the business. And I agree about "The Unforgiven IV. "

Absolutely brilliant singer (especially in 'The Unforgiven II', "No leaf clover' (S&M), 'Loverman', 'Nothing else matters' and 'Mama said' - we need muuch more songs like these! ) Waiting for 'The Unforgiven IV', which should be 'Forgiven'!

James Hetfield Rulezzz
Metallica For ever
great Voice

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40Sarah Geronimo

she s very very talented person. unique voice, record breaker, sold out concert local @ international, kind, beautiful, and of course she is box office queen.

She is really one of a kind...

''i really love her lovely voice, she really is a song princess! ''

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41Bruce Dickinson - Iron Maiden

he should be first because he IS a classically trained opera singer who can sing metal amazingly

Bruce is GOD. The most amazing voice I've ever heard, it's like he's an opera singer. He's THAT amazing! He inspired me to start singing.

42Sam Cooke

Sam Cooke is the greatest singer of all time!

One of the best versatile singer of all time. He is simply incomparable and his voice is timeless. The Prince of Soul.

A good list but where is Robert Plant? Sam Cooke's voice is beautiful.

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43Dean Martin

Not only the best voice hands down but Probably the most overlooked as well.

Just pure! Listening to Dean make you feel alive

what a voice!

44Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne proved that she's the best by changing with the times and getting more mature. Her singing, vocals and songs have gotten even better over the years and deserves to be on this list.


She still can sing live.

Clear strong voice that stays in tune

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45Leona Lewis

A beautiful voice. She belongs in the top 10. She is very easy to listen to.
And, a great stage presence. Not over-done like so many others.
And, her speaking voice is to die for. Sweetest Hackney accent I've ever heard.

she honestly has an amazing voice, ye get goosebumps when she sings

I like leona bcoz of her sizzling twister voice that captures listerns attention.. its really a whirlwind and sotthing voice you ever listen to in bed

46Patsy Cline

I totally agree with Patsy cline, a lot of these singers are on here because they had help with computer dubbing, but when Patsy cline sang a song it was all done live in the those days, you just can't fake that and many singers can't even do that when making records these days because they cant, her vocal range would knock the hell out of the 32 before, she was the queen of country and pop the first to crossover and make it big with no holes barred. Just listen to "Sweet Dreams" and you'll understand

A Vocal range of 4 octaves, 4 octaves!

It is apparent from these "greatest of all time" standings that most of those voting have only been exposed to the works of artists of the last few years. That, of course dictates but also limits their tastes. They have been robbed of the opportunity to experience and appreciate many of the true vocal incons with Patsy Cline foremost among them

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47Mahalia Jackson

greatest gospel singer that ever lived

It is always a matter of taste because everybody is different, but this lady could kill someone and still be invited into Heaven. To say that this lady has a gift is putting it mildly.

48Bing Crosby

Astoundingly influential singer and recording artist who influenced multiple genres and artists, in his day and generationally, in ways most of them don't even realize. His voice blanketed the world in his day. Easily a top 3 voice, if not No. 1.

Cant believe others have not voted for Bing! Hands down a top 5 voice of all time.

49Nat King Cole

don't even make me explain.

50Judy Garland

another tearful song "Somewhere Over the Rainbow"

Judy Garland is one of the greatest voice in history! Frank Sinatra once said "every time she sings a piece of her dies". Should be in top 10

51Darren Hayes - Savage Garden

His voice is most beautiful I've ever heard.. He sounds like angel... I think he has the most unique voice ever... Nobody can sing like him..

His voice is absolutely undescribable... it’s amazing.

Very unique tone, solid range, very good ear, can perform acapella, and can really write a tune! Great deliverance as well!

52Steven Tyler - Aerosmith

No one can screem like him

He has one of the highest ranges of voices I've ever heard. He has a unique voice that can't be touched by anyone else. He is the DEMON OF SCREMIN!

he is amazing he can sing anything!

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53Mario Lanza

The Greatest voice ever period! The voice from God! He could sing anything from Opera to Pop with equal genius! Toscanini said he had the voice of the 20th century! The great Marie Callas said after his death that he had the greatest voice she had ever heard!

I grew up listening to so many styles of music for which I am unbelievably grateful. My grandmother listened to Mario Lanza and it trained my ear for the power and skill of the vocal instrument. I love all music today and Mario helped start that.

He had the best voice ever, I've never heard an equal.

54Aretha Franklin

Nobody interprets a song like this lady, and she can sing in almost any genre without losing her renowned style. At her best very few could compete with her, and anyone that could would have to be someone like Streisand, Bassy, or Ella, and I'm sure they would all have given Lady Soul the RESPECT she deserves. I appreciate that we all like different styles but I'm very surprised Aretha is as low down this list. She's been an inspiration to many of the singers on the list eg Mariah Carey, and I'm sure she will continue to be an inspiration long after her days.

she is the number singer of all time-vocals are phenomenal. she picks up a crowd like anyone wouldn't believe. she should be everybodies pick

The Greatest Of them All!

55Luther Vandross

Come on, has to be the greatest male artist ever.

I am from Central America and so I get to hear all singers from across the world... Luther was one of Gods Angels! I can't wait to get to heaven to hear him sing in person.

Respect to all the other great voices. BUT! Luther is without a doubt the most incredible voice that he must hve been touch by GOD himself. Miss you Luther R.I.P.

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56Janis Joplin

What about Barbra Streisand? She and Judy Garland are the best singers of all time. They both sing the song with their whole heart in it.

Janis Joplin. Queen of the Acid Rock genre

I love love love her and she is truly he best ever!

57Maria Callas

Best voice of all time! No one can compare to La Divina!

I could believe, a voice coached by God himself. I know little of music. I only know what I love. And this woman's voice I truly love. If I had to choose two words to descibe her voice I would say devine and sublime. All I can say is lucky angels who get to listen to this voice for eternity.

58Jim Reeves

how they made his voice so bassy when it wasn't originally made him famous

his voice strikes the eardrums beautifully. I like the most his voice in the song Before You Go

59Hayley Westenra

Pure, perfect pitch, clear tone, haunting melodies, will make you tear up.

Hayley has one of the most beautiful angelic voices of all time. Once you've heard her sing Pie Jesu you'll never want to hear another version.


Her voice is just hypnotic. So beautiful, unique and different in almost very song. I caught myself crying everytime I think of her death :_(

I voted for aaliyah because I loved her and of course because she is the greatest female singer ever period

she had a very unique voice like she could sing both alto and soprano she had it all

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61Stevie Nicks - Fleetwood Mac

Every song by Stevie makes you fall in love with her. Great voice.

Sexy voice, and Silver Springs! Come on People!

She'll never be duplicated

Sexy voice with a eye for flair!


Shakira as a unique conralto voice, that stands out from other bland singers around

Unique versatile and beautiful voice.

63Lea Salonga

she has the most beautiful voice!

64Marvin Gaye

is there actually any song ever, better than the original sexual healing from the vocal cords of the king himself?... there has never been. marvin was and still is the best.

What a beautiful voice! Lost too soon.

beautiful velvet voice

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65Patti LaBelle

In terms of sheer power and range and her ability to make every song, her own or a remake, an incredible song. She can also hold a note longer than any other singer alive and do it while rolling on the floor!

Natural God given talent

66Tarja Turunen
67Jeff Buckley

Absolutely no comparison, Jeff's range vocally with so much emotion never fail to bring me to tears. Let alone his ability to sing so many styles of music. He has no equal.

Simply the best. Just listen to 'Grace' and tell me he isn't the most talented singer to ever walk this planet.


68Charlotte Church

Charlotte is the first voice I ever heard where I mentally thought "Wow! This has to be what angels sound like. " Lots of others a close second. Let's be real. Mariah Carey and Steve Perry are tough to beat. Definitely a lot of good ones to choose from.

I am hearing impaired and have trouble making out sounds. Charlotte's voice is the first one that actually appealed to me. It's pure and clear

Absolutely gorgeous!

69Linda Ronstadt

The absolute best voice ever... And I love Emmy lou Harris' voice too and when the sing a song together it's magic. Linda is pure, unstrained and beautiful to listen to.

70Enrico Caruso

Best performing opera star during the Golden Age of opera (1873-1921). His Style and voice set the standard from the 1890's until the present for dramatic tenors. Take a listen some time. Anticipate goosebumps.

71Ella Fitzgerald

She has one of the most beautiful, naturally jazz voices of all time. And when she sings with Frank Sinatra it's a beautiful thing.

Deep voice that resonates with you forever.

72Nelson Eddy

Most popular baritone of the 20th century... and gorgeous looking to boot!

Beautiful classically trained lyric baritone voice. Rich, mellow, honey-gold timbre. Excellent technique, clarity of diction. Nelson`s voice was sincere, passionate and extremely versatile. Nelson could sing almost any song and make it his own.

73Dusty Springfield

I think Elvis is greatest
and next is Dusty


Garou is an amazing singer who can sing any type of music he wants! His voice is so powerful and full of emotions! He is so talented!

My most favorite singer of all time. Very powerful voice. Should be higher on this list in my opinion.

He can sing both old rock songs and his own compositions, in French and English, what’s not to love?


For the win!

76Jackson Browne
77Howard Keel

What a clear beautiful voice. And in his youth, positively gorgeous. catch him in Kiss me Kate and Calamity Jane.

78Jeanette MacDonald

Most popular operatic singer in movie history... inspired many young singers... check out her opera scenes in 'Rose Marie, ' 'San Francisco' and 'Maytime, ' for which she received the SAG Best Actress award in 1937.

79Marty Robbins

no other singer can surpass his performance of the song EL PASO

80Raul Malo

The best by far. Nobody close to this guy. Golden tones and velvet voice are unmatched. Listen to any Mavericks song and see if you don't agree.

81Rhydian Roberts

He should have won X Factor instead of that Peon

The first opera singer to grace the stages of any Idol competition in the world, this X Factor runner up has the voice of Andrea Bocelli, Josh Groban and Luciano Pavarotti (all legends) smushed into one beautiful talent

82Joan Sutherland

simply the best

Probably the best voice of the 20th Century - not called 'La Stupenda' for nothing... the rest of the nominators are on drugs

83Louis Armstrong

If you haven't heard "What a Wonderful World" and teared up a little...

84Billie Holiday

Heart breaking magic

Her voice- pure gold. It has that nice roughness that plays out in the sadder less happy songs "Summertime" I can't even describe it.

85Martha Wash

Let's not forget about the Queen of House Music, former Weather Girl and backup singer for Sylvester, and the woman who's searing vocals put C

86Scott Walker - The Walker Brothers

Arguably, the best white voice in pop history. Beautiful, gothic, 60's pop. Morphed into a favorite of the punks, then disappeared. Unbelievable story... Would make a great movie!

Rich quality surpassed by few in the modern music business.


87Minette Linderoth

Best voice, why even bother asking?

88Alanis Morissette

jagged little pill changed my life! Alanis 4 eva!

jagged little pill changed my life! Alanis 4 eva!

alanis is the best in the world

89Tom Corneill - Audioslave

Just beautiful. Soulful, eerie and touching. Anyone who has not heard him yet should check him out!

90Loretta Lynn
91Anthony Hamilton

He has a very good soul voice, and he was on the greatest show (Chappelle's show).

92Dave Mustaine - Megadeth

He is a god...


93Lena Horne

I bumped people after hearing her sing for 2 seconds.

94Bonnie Raitt
95Matt Barlow - Iced Earth

Truly great SINGER. He has superior control of his voice and can hit 4 octaves of notes. Hes all around amazing with his voice and stage presence.


96Van Morrison
97Minnie Riperton

I looked at your list and was disappointed that Minnie Riperton wasn't on there, I mean COME ON... she had a 5 1/2 Octave vocal range... even higher that Mariah Carrey... she deserves better treatment than that!


Listen to sample
98Gerard Way - My Chemical Romance

His voice is AWESOME. You can always fell the emotion in his voice, wether he's pissed off like in Bury Me In Black, or wanting to have fun like in Na Na Na.

His voice is gentle yet rough at the same time. It's just beautiful and powerful. Like an angelŽ

He has SUCH an emotional, amazing voice... He either makes you want to scream with him or cry when he sounds like he's about to.


99Kate Smith
100Vera Lynn

England's jewel. Perfect pitch, range, timing. Gave hope to millions in their darkest hours.

"We'll Meet Again" and "The White Cliffs of Dover" actually bring tears to your eyes.

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