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Some men are inventors, some men are philosophers, and some men aren't good for anything at all. But this list is devoted to the best male singers. Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.


Steve Perry - Journey

Best Male vocalist All-Time! Great range , Sweeping vocals like Don't stop Believn', Open Arms, Wheel in the Sky, Mother, Father, Who's crying now, etc... He is known as the " Voice "

Whenever I need to express or feel emotion out loud, I bring in Steve Perry and he brings me high, low and everywhere! Best voice there is. Come back to us Steve!

Popularity and death doesn't cut it with me. When I see this list and many other lists of top 100 male voices andI do not see Pavarotti, Bocelli, or Tom Jones and many many others who do deserve a seat at the top ten table, and instead you have dimwits like Lennon, Mercury, Jackson, perry, and countless others who are very good but not the greatest and its all about making corporate CEO's happy and the Black minorities well represented, then its all a shameful sham!

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2Michael Jackson

Greatest ever known

No kidding! Who can't beat him? Michael is like someone from another planet.
he could touch our heart when he sang

Michael ia to singing what Mohamme ALi was to boxing. Incredible quality and showmanship and influenced the field profoundly.

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4Freddie Mercury - Queen

mj is a great fantastic performer but mercury is vocaly so much more

I love Freddie Mercury. Love him for any reason. He's just simply the best. Best voice: Most powerful, beautiful... He also writes the best songs out there, and they have the most meaning to them.

Got to say, Freddie and Steve Perry are both #1. Each has a strong soaring vocal range, pure and powerful.

Steve is like tinkling crystal and Freddie is full of boisterous thump.

Love them both!

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5Elvis Presley

Elvis is the best ever "The King" could put his magic touch on any song. One fantastic singer & a very fine looking man with a smile that would melt the coldest of hearts.

He was and always will be "The King". He was the full package and did not need gimmicks or publicity stunts to remain in his fans hearts. He is timeless.

Voice of heaven - suits any mood and also could sing any musical style.

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6Frank Sinatra

Well, Frank Sinatra is a lot better than Elvis Presley and his overrated talents.

Frank is without peer, Elvis was mismanaged and tragic. Sinatra was pure class and he does not fade with the years, only musical fads and cycles take him away from front and centre. Others emulate him like Buble does to cash in but they do not match him.

As long as class survives; as long as sentiment outlives the fads of moments; as long as we long to be men who long after the women we love and don't even know we are; we'll remember frank sinatra.

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7Justin Bieber


8Robert Plant - Led Zeppelin

There will always be different opinions as well as shared ones. I would never try to make a top ten, fifty or a hundred list. Too much to choose from.
Now, if you're going to take a stab at it, I have to give my five cents. I love music, as most people with half a heart do, music is everything. But often the vocal, and more so, the emotion of the vocal, sets the relation, the live in the moment and the sheer feel of the experience in perspective. Not many singers/vocalists can do this to

His voice is like a musical instrument. Rock n roll god! He should be like number 1-3 I can see Steve Perry but come on MJ when he was younger yes but not now

Why is Robert plant not near the top of this list! Unreal!

9Jimmie Barnes - Cold Chisel

The most under-rated singer I have heard. Check out any Jimmy Barnes live and see for yourself.

10Paul McCartney - The Beatles

Paul McCartney is the second best Beatles band member, he has a awesome voice. Why is Justin Bieber higher than him?


he is the has the greatest voice of all time

He has by far the best vocals of anyone on this list!

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11Bing Crosby
12Brandon Flowers - The Killers
13Marvin Gaye
14Sam Cooke
15Jim Morrison - The Doors

Voice that excited yet in an instant haunted your soul, made you feel like taking journey with him to the other side

16Roy Orbison

Roy Orbison had no peer. It is tragic that he died so young and that so many young people have not heard his music. Check out Roy Orbison and Friends, A Black and White night to see what his peers think of him. He was simply the best, R.I.P. , Roy.

Elvis Presley used to say that Roy Orbison was the best singer that he had ever heard. The man had an incredible vocal range, and sang falsetto like a bird. Charisma, he had not, but damn he could sing.

17Al Green
18Elton John
19Bryan Adams
20Tim McIlrath - Rise Against

Maybe not the best male singer of all time, but definitely the best Punk singer of all time. Tim is a tenor, his songs mostly focus on an intense chest belting but he often gets very gritty and goes into a vocal-numbing throat voice. Amazes me how his singing has actually improved instead of deteriorating over the years due to his screaming. Excellent singer. Start with "Swing Life Away" by Rise Against for a softie. If you want a heavier sound go with "Savior".

The GREATEST MALE VOCALIST EVER! Best voice ever and his vocals can make you shiver, cry or make you rise up and scream "RISE AGAINST! ".

21Tom Jones

Without a doubt Tom should be top 5...C. mon... Michael Jackson?... Possibly top 50 maybe. As much as I love Frank, the guy talked when he sang... Just a couple long notes at the end. Roy Oberson is many of these performers choice for number one.

22M. Shadows - Avenged Sevenfold
23Andrea Bocelli
24Luther Vandross

I believe that he has the voice that goes in different
ranges and had a very soulful sound. Could you
Imagine a duet with Houston?

blows everybody else out of the water. listen to a house is not a home!!

25Kurt Cobain - Nirvana

people always say they don't understand him. he focused more on melodys than lyrics and still his songs have great lyrical meanings

26Burton Cummings - The Guess Who
27Paul Stanley - KISS

What a fantasitic voice the world has give us.

28Stevie Wonder
29Bruce Springsteen

After MJ, Elvis, Sinatra and Mercury, he is the best. I like him a lot.

30James Brown

This guy.. I love him. I wish I was alive in the 70's. He need to be in alt least the top five ^_^

The Godfather of Soul music and the King of Pop's influence. What else would you want?

31Billie Joe Armstrong - Green Day

Just the best!

32James Hetfield - Metallica
33Roy Khan - Kamelot

He's one of the best voice I ever heard, it's unfair he's less rated than other singer less talented on this list


Mostly unheard of... yet his voice is unbelievable.

34Paul Rodgers - Bad Company
35Brad Delp - Boston

Nobody can beat his range. One of the best vocalists and performers of the past 37 years. He was the vocalist for the best selling debut record of all time-Boston (1976). He has since past on, but his music and vocals will live on forever. RIP Brad.

36Philip Bailey - Earth, Wind & Fire
37Mick Jagger - The Rolling Stones

he has a legendary voice he is part of a legendary band lets face it he is legendary

His voice is legendary he has made rock music what it is today!

38Ian Gillan - Deep Purple
39Eddie Vedder - Pearl Jam

I really don't need to explain... really

40David Ruffin - The Temptations
41Johnny Mathis

Finest voice popular music has ever produced.. Didn't say best interpretor... But he does have the finest vocal instrument

Greatest voice, best looking, and the classy. Has been my favorite since I was in my teens. Now I am a senior citizen and he is still my favorite. His voice has never changed and he is still handsome. He is a one of a kind genius of a singer with a master voice. I have every record he ever made. His romantic, smooth, silky voice sends me back in time whenever I hear him sing. There will never be another Johnny Mathis!

43Jackie Wilson
44Jerry Lee Lewis
45Bob Dylan
46B.J. Thomas
47Barry White
48Little Richard
49Neil Young
50Billy Squier
51Bon Scott - AC/DC
52Teddy Pendergrass - Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes
53Darren Hayes - Savage Garden
54Jeff Buckley
55John Farnham

I think Johns voice is all too often overlooked in these polls, I don't think I've ever heard anyone with such an amazing tone and range, this guys voice is unbelievable! To have someone like Justin bieber before this guy is frankly ridiculous! To be able to take a Beatles song in Help and completely make it your own takes some doing but it is effortless

56john lennon
57don henley
58Brian Johnson - AC/DC
59Kurt Cobain
60Issac Hayes
61Wei Chen
62Trent Reznor - Nine Inch Nails
63Peter Murphy
64Ian Astbury - The Cult
65John Gourley - Portugal. The Man
66Phil Collins - Genesis
67Justin Hayward - The Moody Blues
68Frank Ocean

Absolutely the best ^__^ why'd 1D beat him at te VMA's? Obviously America needs to get slap slapped in the face :D

69Ray Charles
70Cliff Richard
71Chris Cornell

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