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Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson really did push the pop music to a new stage. He is so great that I think he should be remember as a talented entertainer and a man with a big caring heart

Unprecedented records (most number of no. 1 hits, Four of Jackson's albums, Bad, Dangerous, HIStory, and Invincible, debuted at number one in the United States, only artist to chart five number one hits from one LP (BAD), had 13 #1 singles on Billboard's Hot 100 singles chart, best selling album of all times, most number of concert, most attendance, most number of music awards, highest record deal... NO QUESTIONS... Truly " The Most Successful Entertainer of All Time"...

His a magnificent artist adored and looked up to by other wonderful artist. His artistry is ingenious. His voice is so powerful and enduring. He has always been misunderstood and mocked but it never changed his heart.. he still is kind and generous to others. That is proven by his millions of funs around the world at
different genre loyaly loving him.

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2Ann Wilson - Heart

She has ageless style and is versatile.. Her voice radiates true talent! Any time there is an opportunity to see/hear her, I try to watch, listen, or be there..

Ann Wilson is better now than ever. Her voice radiates a quality like none other. Anne's voice takes your heart, mind and soul to new places as her maturity as taught her how.

She has the voice, the grit, and the talent to make her the best rock singer ever.

She can sing it all; soft, gentle and low or powerful gutsy and high. No one is better.

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3Steve Perry - Journey

Steve Perrys smooth beautiful voice can melt you heart, he is the best rock tenor ever. A voice like his will be continually copied by other singers, but he is the real thing. Steve Perry's voice rules

Steve Perry is the absolute best singer of all time, emotion, quality, tenor altino... Splendidly reaching those high notes with ease... So talented.. Supremo Stevo...


he has wonderful voice!

I love

I love mj forever

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5Freddie Mercury - Queen

This guy was awesome... no one ever will match his performances on aid 1985...queen stole the show... lover of life and singer of songs...RIP

HE is simply the best singer to have ever lived. You can't beat the versatility of his voice, or his ability to sing incredible songs like Bohemian Rhapsody.

A very creative person, loved his songs and was my idol when I was younger. Loved Bohemian Rhapsody, because of the story behind it Very good artist. Is this the real life? R.I.P. freddie You are amazing

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6Shirley Bassey

Shirley Bassey's voice has withstood the test of time, and five decades after she started in show business her voice is still as powerful as ever! Vocal Projection - Vabrato - Tember - Range... this lady has it all!

Shirley Bassey is one of the greatest vocalists of all time. Her vocal ability in 'Belting Voice' is overwhelmingly powerful, but in total control.

Shirley Bassey has one of the most powerful voices that I have ever heard! Her style and timing is utter perfection.

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7Sarah Brightman

her voice is absolutely perfect. she truly is heaven sent.

she is perfect and that's it

talent at its perfection. her voice is the epitome of perfection, she should be studied :)

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8Matthew Bellamy

People who have heard this mans voice know why he is the best singer in the world

People who have heard this mans voice know why he is the best singer in the world

9Elvis Presley

The greatest singer ever. Could reflect the mood of the song perfectely in his voice. He could also sing anything from Rock to Country and he had the ability to make a song whatever the tempo his own.

He will always be the king no matter what.

He did what no other would think of. Took all the risks to bring something different, from hard rock, country, oprah and much more. The voice

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10Christina Aguilera

kicks ass

she sounds just as the studio version live! also have an incredible vocal range and she's only 28

I considered her the best singer of this generation.. far far better...

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11Celine Dion

She's 12! Come on she deserves in much better rank, please vote up for her n make her at least in top 10 please!

Being a singer is to be good in singing which Celine Dion can do...
Bur still not all singers can do what she can do like being so HUMBLE...
Her Head on the sky but her feet is still on the GROUND!

and that's what a SINGER/DIVA/LEGEND is all about!


she is the greatest of all. though she can't produce whistle notes, she still has the most beautiful voice

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12Declan Galbraith

Declan is the best,he is an angel who has a voice from heaven!!love you so much


I think you are the BEST! Cmon!

His voice was so beautiful

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13Eminem/Slim Shady/Marshall Mathers

He is one of the best rapper in the world. EMINEM ROCKS. I am a big fan of him. I personally think he is best male singer

Best Rapper I've ever seen.. He have great voice.. According to my opinion he is the best singer ever... Best voice..

14K.S. Chithra

Has a beautiful voice!... Yeah really true that She Is An ANGEL OF THE MUSIC WORLD...

music beauty




15Mariah Carey

mariah is the best selling recording artist in history and she is the artist of the decade(90's) and the artist of the millenium!

She is for me the best. All the awards and achievements she has received are because she truly deserves to be in the top list.
And she has evolved as music has throughout the years. And still sell records.

Mariah and Whitney have the best voices of all time but Mariah has been making hits one after another unlike Whitney and is still well-loved by most people.

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16Beyonce Knowles

she needs to be in the top TEN! her range and effortless runs along with her stage performance is enough to put her up there.

she has the best female vocals EVER!

She has the best voice. She's like the female Michael Jackson

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17Whitney Houston

I think she sings so good she has a very powerful voice

She had such a powerful voice. Hearing her always gives me chills just listening to that amazing voice. Perfection.

I love Mariah Carey but Whitney aka the voice has what not to many people alive have. Beauty, charisma and most of all talent.

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18Charice Pempengco

As far as vocal range and volume she is equal to any singer on this planet. In the near future she will have her own songs but right now she sings any song better than the original.

vote for charice... she's a very talented singer... she deserves to be the top 1... go charice...

Charice is the best!
She wuz discovered in youtube
she deserves 2 be the top
we love you charice from:canada and philippines

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19Frank Sinatra

Frank's in the top 5 , no matter what type of music

Frank's in the top 5 , no matter what type of music

Band Leader Tommy Dorsey told Frank sinatra, singers like you are a dime a dozen! Don't come back! That was in the 1940's. What year is it now? More people my age know who Frank Sinatra was. Ask them who was Tommy Dorsey and they scratch thier head. Tommy who? Most of Franks music were recorded long before I was born but I feel such a strong connection with his music.

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20Axl Rose - Guns 'N Roses

Axl has a truly amazing voice that cannot be faulted. Gives me goosebumps to hear his range and pitch. My all time favourite artist!

Most unique and wide-ranged voice ever!

axl is genious!

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21Paul McCartney

He is the best! Beatles rule! He is the most amazing singer of all time... And he was knighted by the queen. Can you get any more awesome than that? No. Besides, half of the people on here I haven't even heard of, so vote for Paul!

He needs this vote! He is at least equal to Lennon. This man is the most successful artist EVER. Why is he not in the top ten?

Wow! Here is the most sucessful singer of all time and only #30. McCartney has his name on more hit records than anyone in history. I'm shocked!

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22David Phelps

though many have probly not heard of him because he is a gospel singer with the gaiter vocal band he truly has the best voice ever period his range is forever his dynamics how hard and soft he can hit a note are tops his vibrato is unbelievable he is good every oh yeah and he always has complete control over his voice he is the best live singer ever and in the studio just truly the best ever.

The Greatest Range and most powerful voice in the World today! A true legend!

The best!

23Avril Lavigne

she's awesome one of my favorite singers go avril

Avril is one of my idols and
I really want to be like her
someday! She rocks!

she's the punk princess

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24Regine Velasquez

Simply Amazing! A lung power that no one can surpass. Ive seen and heard her number of times and she's magnificent! Powerful!

She's the only singer I know that can sing even if she has no speaking voice. Regine has a different singing voice. And the only singing that doesn't goes out of tune.

wOoOOsh, , , WoW she iS So amazIng... The leGendarY siNger Of THe WoRld... shE iS tHe PHENOMINAL DIVAS fOR aLL time... wOoOosh...

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25John Lennon

Lennon... from Twist and Shoul and Happiness is a Warm Gun.. omg. No one can beat him.

John Lennon's voice was so very amazing

john lennon the greatest singer all the time

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26Barbara Streisand

Listen to her range and performances. She can sing any song and not screw it up. Lets see others do that.

there are so many people on this list that do not belong here, especially in the highest places. this is the truly best singer of all time. anyone who has ever listened to her will agree.

She is the greatest FEMALE VOCALIST OF THE CENTURY. A living legend.

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27Tarja Turunen

best dancer/singer.

she is the best dancer

She has a strong, rich voice with the gorgeous Latina flair. Shakira's got rhythm and talent. I love her music.

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29Britney Spears

Pop music would be no where without her. Love or hate her, she made some of the best, classic pop music of all time. She's got the "IT" factor.

lol! you people are wrong!

britney spears has a unique voice its so sweet I love it and so sexy!

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30Robert Plant

When it comes to lyrics...

Plus, what other male can pull of "Four Sticks"?

I dare anyone else to try and sing black dog

Only Master Mercury was better, vocal range, tone, tune and pure power.

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31Kurt Cobain

I just love him so much... Great voice... He is best of all... Smells like teen spirit.. An epic!

The only person who ever sang from pure emotion and problems he dealt with. The greatest musician ever! R.I.P. Kurt 67-94.

Kurt Cobain... Just listen to the man's music. Then you'll be convinced he's the best singer ever.

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32Billie Joe Armstrong - Green Day

billy joe, you rule!
green day is an awesome band!

an amazing voice his song know your enemy is the best song ever from the band greenday

33Steven Tyler - Aerosmith

this is an insult to the institution of music. top 5 easily

my hero

amazing no one can top him

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34Eddie Vedder

The best vocal of the Grunge era! One of the best music periods in history!

His band saved my life.

35Bruce Dickinson - Iron Maiden

Awesome frontman to an awesome band

KICKS ASS! great range and control.

bruce is one of the greatest and new wave of heavy metal, he is only one in this world no one can beat his vocals... being an iron maiden fan he is extraordinary

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36Aretha Franlkin

Aretha can sing the dictionary. Pop, soul, jazz, gospel and even classical you name it she can sing it. There's no one even close!


Bono has got a unique voice, he's the BEST

is the best

why the hell isn't he higher? U2 is considered to be the #1 in the world. bono rocks.

More comments about Bono
38George Michael

only the one when he sing live it's better than the record song.!
number one great voice goods songs

Just listen to him singing...

Simply the best voice ever

More comments about George Michael
39Bryan Adams

oh god! he should be in the top ten. just listen to everything I do, best of me, etc

He is the man. When he sings, You just feel the song and get into the mood. He is the best!

He is the man. When he sings, You just feel the song and get into the mood. He is the best!

More comments about Bryan Adams

Only her and perhaps Michael Jackson know the TRUE and complete meaning of being an artist. Singer, dancer, creative, GENIUS!


idol idol idol! yeah

More comments about Madonna
41David Bowie

Bowie is Bowie... It's enough to explain my vote

42Elton John

incredible voice, should definitely be in at least the top 5

His voice is just magic.

Most underrated singer so far! He doesntuse much voacal techniques (like vibrato or other stuff ) his voice is just amazing without it!

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43Agnetha Faltskog

I want to give her a big cuddle

A so beautiful and clear voice
she is just the best

44Klaus Meine

Klaus is one of the few artists on this list who is truly unique. Nobody else can achieve the vocal range and flexibility that he can.

Even if you're not a Scorpions fan, nobody can say his vocal prowess isn't downright incredible.


Only the best!

45Jon Bon Jovi

I LOVE BON JOVI. I LOVE VERY JON. He is a amazing voice, he is the best of the bests, and he is very hot. He have a beautiful and good voice. HE IS THE BEST SINGER OF EVER!

jon bon jovi es the best singer ever is voice is beautiful and he's the best

amazing singer...

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46Andrea Bocelli

Even with the loss of his sight this man truly has the best voice on the planet. He can not only walk in the classical world but the pop world as well. He has the best range and vocal control of any person I ever heard sing.

His Aria album is the closest to perfection as anything I've ever heard sung.

His voice overwhelms me and touches my heart.

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47Sam Cooke

Fabulous... So soulful. My favourite tune is Cupid... Absolutely reminiscent of a great time in music

A vote of the opinions of the 100 greatest singers of all time would reveal the real winner, Sam Cooke.

Greatest singer of all time.

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48Mike Patton

the man of the thousand voices!

49Maria Callas
50M. Shadows

Lots of different styles, good range, AWESOME LIVE, creative and unfortunatley underrated and bashed a little too often :/

absolutely amazing singer for an amazing metal band!

the best makes screaming sound amazing

51James Hetfield

Simply, the best voice the world has ever heard

A legend since the 80's

Listen to Nothing Else Matters, my god, beautiful voice.

He's not the greatest singer in the world, but he's extremely underrated. This could be because of their early stuff, but his voice has improved dramatically. I wouldn't be surprised to hear he has a 3 octave range. I love metallica, and think they should be appreciated more.

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52Ian Gillan - Deep Purple

One of the best voices in the world! His contribution to the rock side of music is priceless! He made Deep Purple what it is today!

giiiiiiiilaaaaaaaan! rocks!

this dude is only the best.
greatest voice iv eva herd

More comments about Ian Gillan - Deep Purple
53Shania Twain
54Ella Fitzgerald

Her voice is absolutely beautiful! I fall into a trance every time I hear her sing!

Ella Fitzgerald had such magnificent musicality and grand command over her instrument that it is utterly incomprehensible that she has not been voted into the top 5 rankings. She was one of the greatest musicians, and she contributed much to the art of music. Thank you.

She had been blessed by God to begin with, a pure vocal genius; she worked hard to perfect what she had been given. Never heard anyone who approaches her body of work...

More comments about Ella Fitzgerald
55Maynard James Keenan

Subtle, moving, haunting, provocative, inspiring. His voice can lull you to into blissful slumber, or incite all the passion that is inside you.

56Justin Timberlake - *NSYNC

I think he is the best singer in the world. he is handsome too. he sings well than others. He is very famous among girls

Best singer and the most hot singer.

57Allison Krauss

Stunning, ethereal, captivating. Like butter...

As far as voices go, there's no competition. Absolutely beautiful singing voice!

58Jim Morrison

The man was an innovator a a cool dude! I knew him as a student a florida state!

He is the best whoever was, is or will be.

One of the most unique and charismatic voices in rock history! Can't think of anything that compares.

59Laura Pausini

Laura Pausini... the sound of love... I love her when she said ( Tra te e il mare ).. Laura... she is the best in the world

she is a very good singer

60Lou Gramm

Freakin' Goosebumps every time I hear "Long, Long Way From Home"

Strong clear voice that cuts like a razor

61Stevie Wonder

there's superstition dun dun dun dun dun dun

stevie should be top, nobody else has his range.

Absolutely gorgeous voice - should be No 1

More comments about Stevie Wonder
62Billy Joel

Why isn't he number one?

Absolutely brilliant!

63Daryl Hall

The guy can sing smooth and high or raw and guttaral. One of the few white guys to sing 'soul' music with as much nuance and appreciation of gospel tradition. Like Stevie Wonder, can put a smile on your face by conveying sheer joy through the act of singing.

Best singer I’ve ever heard live. Better live than on records.

64Brad Delp

Brad Delp has been the best vocalist ever! What a range he had in that voice. Hard rock and beautiful ballads. He will be missed.

no one has a range like brad did

Fantastic vocals. Sorely missed

More comments about Brad Delp
65Josh Groban

His voice makes me believe that God is truely exist.

I swear on my life his voice sounds like he came straight from heaven. The most beautiful vocals heard on earth.

He's got it all! the complete package, he doesn't need any gimmicks the voice alone is enough! He's HAWT!

More comments about Josh Groban
66Linda Ronstadt
67Thom Yorke

When he holds a note it is like honey

incredible, breathtaking, unique, unmatched.

His voice is breathtaking! I fell in love with him before I ever saw a picture of him

More comments about Thom Yorke
68Ray Charles

70? Ray Charles is the definition of a good singer and has the soul to match it.

If you have to ask, you'll never know. He sang just about everything, and never badly.

69Bob Dylan

The voice of every soul

He s best at all category:Folk, , rock, pop country,...
and the most talentued artist:poet, song writer, musician...

Dylan is the best on this list. Need to include Townes Van Zandt, Elliot Smith... others

More comments about Bob Dylan
70Marvin Gaye
71Hayley Westenra
72Janis Joplin

Janis Joplin at number 37? she is way better then that. her voice has passion and soul in it.

janis joplin is defo best ever

awesome girl singer

73Darren Hayes

The high notes that he can hit, and his range overall is just unmatched. His amazing voice gets overlooked when it comes to popularity but he is truly one of the greatest.


74Eva Cassidy

She is singing with angels now. Perfect sound, unfortunately she goes to heaven early.

just unreal every time you hear her. goosebumps every time. no way Britney Spears and Avril Lavigne are ahead. their not even in the same planet as eva. no one is

One listen to her will convince you that she was simply the best

More comments about Eva Cassidy
75Tina Turner



she is simply the best

76Damon Albarn

The Voice of my life, Blur , Gorillaz, He is too stunning


a man whose have a nice voices...

78Al Green
79Patsy Cline
80David Coverdale

this man always been the biggest rock icon

he made the best music and even now he is the best singer

the rock and roll best singer

More comments about David Coverdale
81Eric Clapton

OMFGG likee
ONLY 59.. aree
yu kiddin me?!

simply soothing theres not enough o,s to describe smooth he is

82Kylie Minogue

kylie would happen to be the best female artist of all time no one can mistake her smash hit singles. go get them kyliewhooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

83Otis Redding

There are wonderful singers, but no one give us the best they have, their soul. Otis did...

Gone to soon but his short span of work is fantastic

A man with a voice that sounds like the personification of a breaking heart. Passion and pain. Thats what real Rhythm and Blues is About

84Alanis Morissette

there's no denying she's got a great voice and even better lyrics

Because she is the voice of rock and still the master of alternative music...yeah!

The best ever!

More comments about Alanis Morissette
85Joan Sutherland

La Stupenda - forget the rest

86Chris Norman

The most beautiful, rugged but sweet sexy voice I have ever heard! Songs like Some hearts are diamonds, Till the night we'll meet again, Broken heroes etc cand truly express the power of his voice! Therefore I think... I know he is the best british singer if not international best of all time!

87Etta James
88Michael Hutchence

Particularly live on this stage Hutchence was the ultimate showman


best ever!!!!!!

89Chad Kroeger

One of the best singers of all time. Also one of the most talented songwriters, he wrote "how you remind me" only minutes before performing live.

90Marie Picasso

No one sings better than Marie!

91Meat Loaf

Should be number 1 after the songs his done like Bat out of Hell and Seize the Night from Bat 3

When recording back in the 70's, he hit a high note and blew the equipment, you haven't heard true power untill you've heard his voice

Deffinately should be in the Top 5 at least

More comments about Meat Loaf
92Chaka Khan
93Mario Lanza

Listen to him... and you will change your opinion about the best one of all times...

Known as ’The Tiger’ then you know he’s good!! Gives energy and passion and feeling in every song he sang. Admired by Sinatra, Elvis. Sung both Opera & Popular Music. Truly, THE GREATEST!! If you have not heard him sing then you are truly missing alot!! ~


The best artist ever!

95Gladys Knight

The First Lady of Soul

96Angela Gossow

She is amazing!

The only woman of death metal


97Townes Van Zandt
98Sammy Hagar - Van Halen

I prefer DLR in Van Halen. At the end of the day he was part of the lineup that made the name famous and you can't beat the original. I'm not massively mad on him for his songwriting abilities, but he does have an excellent voice is very good live. Most of todays singers are TERRIBLE live.

the better van halen singer and the one of the best singers of all time


99Martha Wash

Original WeatherGirl

100Norah Jones

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