Best Female Artist Ever

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Sarah Brightman

Sarah is beyond amazing! talent in its purest form, love her

Sarah is God's gift to music. such an angelic and powerful voice. she is absolutely flawless and she's as beautiful as her voice.

Most beautiful voice... just listen to Fleurs du Mal.

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2Shirley Bassey

simply the greatest natural singing talent ever

Shirley Bassey is the supreme artist who can still wrap the audience around her finger. Bassey must be right on every time she walks out on stage because her audience actually listens to every note she sings. After 55 years in Show Business, she still never disappoints!

She is a TRUE DIVA!

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3Marie Picasso

The queen, the best! Marie has got it all.

4Celine Dion

The best there is, she is and exceptional performer, musician and singer, it is like she is ment to be seen all around the world from california to china she is the best out there and no one can compare to the mastress off music

No one can comepare to celine except whitney and mariah. they are all good in different way. but somehow three of them are the best...

celine has an undetermined range of singing voice...

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5Britney Spears

The word "LEGENDARY" is not even enough to describe this talented artist's outstanding music career... She is far and beyond one of the GREATEST female singers of all time. Unique in sound and vision, no one can ever replace BRITNEY SPEARS...NO ONE!

she defines the word SUPERSTAR.

undoubtedly britney spears is one of the most phenomenal artist in the world ever!

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Absolute legend can't believe she isn't no. 1 totally deseveres it!

Madonna said in 1982 I want to rule the world. and boy has she with over 250 million albums sold and 145 singles sold, she is the best selling female artist ever

Madonna revolutionized pop music in the late 80s/90s and still puts out damn good records today, she gets my vote.

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7Mariah Carey

Mariah should of definitely reached number 1. Not that into her present music, but her 90's hits were just brilliant. Greatest voice of all time.



she has the best versatile vocal ability that I have heard and the only one close to it is Celine.

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Beyonce is the best there is.

Her voice is so amazing. She sings effortlessly. She does it all! She is the best performer the world has seen. Nobody can touch her!
She is a legend!

Beyonce is soo amazing... and I'm a huge fan of her since god knows when... she's beautiful, has an amazing voice, and a banging body... I love her 2 death and I support her in everything she does... she's the best America seen in years and years to come... she so talented and does it all... I'm so in love with her!

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9Whitney Houston

Whitney is an unequalled talent. Her voice commands your attention and she is just as captivating on screen. I have been a big fan of hers for many years and America will never have a better singer than the one and only Ms. Whitney.

Whit hands down!

Like her life style or not, her voice can send shivers up and down your soul. So she has to be considered as having one of the best voices ever.

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10Gladys Knight

Amazing woman who can stir your soul with everything from "Midnight Train to Georgia" with the Pips to her later stuff such as "Blessed Assurance" and "I am a Child of God" with the Saints Unified Voices. The Empress of Soul has earned her title by not only her voice but by choosing songs that she can be proud to claim as her. She is a lady on and off the stage which is hard to find nowadays.

Pure excellence and a voice that is everlasting. From the lower ballads to the sentimental to the soaring tracks she emotes drawing all that hear to the pleasure of her talent.

She is awesome! Love her voice!

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11Christina Aguilera

She has a 4 octaves vocal range.. inf act her lowest note is C3 and her highest C#7... she has a really powerful voice, she can hit hig notes in chest voice and she can sing in the whistle register as high as C#7.. britney can't compare to this real voice.. the best voice ever

a great artist knows how to experiment and don't afraid to try new thing and open for changes. that's what christina keeps on top. a very versatile performer and entertainer.. she knows how to experiment her voice in different genre. the best female artist knows how to sing(which christina is the best! lets face it people? ), knows how to dance and even in hosting, producer, songwriter(who speaks from the heart), director and lastly a person who's not using famous producers just to sell million of records! thats what christina done and consistently, a female artist who always bring us the "UNEXPECTED"!

thats it!


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12Elkie Brooks

Elkie Brooks is by far the best female singer the U.K. has ever produced. Rock, Blues, Jazz, Elkie does it all with perfection. Her live shows are fantastic.


Elkie Brooks is the best female singer that the U.K. has ever produced. Rock, Blues, Jazz. She can do it all. Truly great!!!


The best singer the U.K . ever produced. Be it Rock or Blues, Jazz. Elkie is a great singer.


13Barbra Streisand

Best interpreter of all types of music with a vocal range unsurpassed by any other contemporary singer except Christina Aguilera. Listen to "What are you doing the rest of your life" or "Memory" to hear musical perfection. Her singing is flawless!

Guys, listen to her first before you fair

Voice is simply perfection.

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14K.S. Chithra

she has amazing voice like no-one elses in the world... her songs are quirky and beautiful... she has her own style and loads of talent! I love her! Chithra's voice is real and from the soul. She is not making music just for money or fame.


15Janet Jackson

Janet is one of the best performer out there and no one can or ever come close to her... She'e a legend, a icon, and a trendsetter and plus she path the way for these younger female performer to follow.

no doubt janet goes all the way when it comes to total performance

the best in the biz

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16Amy Lee

Really good singer, too bad Evanescence probably isn't gonna make anymore good albums.


Amy Lee is the best singer ever not only does she sound good in the studio but she sounds just as good when she's live! (Plus she's really pretty)

Best voice EVER! The first time I heard her sing I cried!

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17Avril Lavigne


"She rocks my socks"
"She has a very good voice"




She is amazing and kicks everyone else's ass.

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I love her music wow amazing

She is awesome


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she totally blazed the trail for all great music, she is the only woman over 50 that still has a hot bod and a rockin voice


Incredible vocal ability, Terrific song-writing talent. I just love her. She's fierce and she doesn't give a rat's fart as to what anyone thinks.

she really has passion for her music listen when she screams


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she has the most powerfull voice I've ever heard, great person also.

Anastacia is the best female artist and has been for many years! I love her so much!

she's the best... America look at her...

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22Kylie Minogue

one of the greatest australian female singers ever

23Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse will go down in history as being one of the most skilled singer/songwriter/performer of this generation. She sings with so much soul and emotion, even when not at her best she still conveys what she feels to her audience and this makes her magical.

Not many artists of this time can achieve what comes so naturally to her, she is not recognised enough.

Amy may not have the octave
range that mariah and celine
have but her voice has more soul.

amy winehouse is the best vocalist to grace this earth. both of her albums frank and back to black are treasures that one should hold forever. amy isn't concerned what you think of her because... she is just Amy and that is something to love. amy winehouse= my idol.

24Alicia Keys

I think she should be way higher in the 20's

she the best because every one loves her. she the best all around her style her look she jus fablose... and she has a amazing voise

alicia keys is the best alive she does not need to over expose her self and shack her but and get on stage half naked on stage like some artist beyonce but she still the top selling artist of all time and her songs have meanings to them

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25Shania Twain

Her voice is like nobody elses! The lyrics are awesome of most of her songs!

Most sold Albums of all time, beautiful, and can sing her heart out, she needs to start singing again

There is no substitute

26Tori Amos

a real artist who actually sing, write and inspire people... a true great female performer we have on this planet. she sound light years away from most of the artist listed here

27Donna Fargo

I think this lady deserves a lot more credit than she got thru the years with all the wonderful songs she wrote and recorded. She's a country queen who's voice can light up any room!

This lady has done it all! From million selling songs to having her own TV series, and now a highway named in her honor called "The Donna Fargo Highway". Way to go Fargo!

The only thing I can say about this lady is: AWESOME ENTERTAINER!

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28Jennifer Lopez

The Queen

Jlo is the best me n her look exactly like twins if I could put a pic of me, then you culd c soo love you Jlo

you have such a great singer, and you also have the sexiest woman in the world. what else can you ask for?

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29Eva Cassidy

Simply the best.

A brilliant woman with a passion for life. She healed my heart many times with her songs. With a voice and emotions like no other.

Listen to her before you vote! A voice so beautiful and a style so unique that the first time I heard her on the car radio I pulled over to listen and cried. Her voice reaches into your soul and moves you. Incredible!

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30Tina Turner

her music is very infectious. no one can be like her.



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31Kelly Clarkson

Without Kelly Clarkson, American Idol would have just been another singing contest. She is one of the few artists I can listen to over and over, and not get bored. She can cross all genres of music and never sound forced. She is the best!

Kelly has one of the greatest pop voices of our generation. Because she's so down to earth and approachable, I think she doesn't get the attention she deserves as an artist. Kelly has an amazing voice, and can sing circles around all her contemporaries.

Kelly Clarkson doesn't get enough credit. She's amazing and right up there with Whitney, Mariah, Celine and Christina! She's amazing!

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32Katy Perry

KP is the only female to tie MJ! No other girl has done this. I think this makes her one of the best of all time.

33Janis Jopin

forever be a legend. this woman is simply a history.

34Carrie Underwood

I love carrie she is my favorite I am upsessed with her and she is better than sarah brightman yuck!

she is the best singer ever better than whitney or britney and sarah britman or somthin

she is the best I just went to her concert she is the best she deserved to win american idol

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35Sarah McLachlan

Beautiful, gorgeous angelic voice. There isn't a song of hers that I hate and I'm sure she can cover anything else.

She is an amazing singer! I love all her songs. Sarah has come a long way and I am proud of her.

unforgettable voice, unforgettable songs.

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Not only a great singer in the true since but also a song writer an a true artist. Enya has incredible talent and takes years in releasing an album. Always unique and worth the wait.

She has an amazing and unique voice.. incredible talent that is true to herself

Enya should be much higher on this list.

Enya is a name in music here to stay. Almost every home in the Western world is graced by Enya's music. The same can not be said for most of the top ten on this list.

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37Toni Braxton

I love toni braxton

she has an incredible voice... some say she sounds like a man, but I think she sounds beautiful.. she should star in a movie where she sings and stuff... I mean, they let mariah carey and brandy do it!

what a fantastic singer with a fantastic body to match

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She has one of the most underated voices I've ever heard.

she's hot... a gymnastic singer... powerful voice

voice and style make for a great show

39Cyndi Lauper

Been a huge fan since the first time I heard her sing. So much range and touch in her voice at the same time. A true artist.

One of the best female voices ever. She deserves more recognition than she has received.

I've read that Cyndi's range is the highest of all recording artists. And yes, more talent in her little toe than Britny or Madonna.

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40Deborah Harry

This list is a joke. Debroah Harry not only innovated beauty, style, and influence; she did it all with upmost class.

Deborah Harry is one of the best singers and actor. Still very lovely!

41Lily Allen

Just A Crazy Voice With Funky Attitude!

She Deserves Much Better Ratings!

Love You Lily.

Lilly Allen is awesome! I love her!

42Minette Linderoth

She is incredible!

43Hilary Duff

I like her songs!

44Lita Ford



45Regina Spektor

she has amazing voice like no-one elses... her songs are quirky and beautiful... she has her own style and loads of talent! I love her!

Regina's music is real and from the soul. She is not making music just for $ or fame.

My fave alternative artist ever. No one can beat her.

46Alanis Morissette

If your going to put in classical artist you can't leave him out. His voice was so smooth it was like flowing honey across his lips. He sang it all classical, Christmas and pop. Unforgettable please, the song will make you stop in your tracks every time.

47Stevie Nicks

With her powerful vocals, song writing and huge roll in the success of Fleetwood Mac and she continues to perform. One of the reasons for Nicks' continued career is the devotion she inspires in her fans. Stacy Dupree, Courtney Love, Michelle Branch, Belinda Carlisle, the Dixie Chicks, Mary J. Blige, Sheryl Crow, Nadia Ali, Taylor Swift, Laura Branigan, Sarah McLachlan, Kelly Clarkson, Vanessa Carlton, Georgi Cussick and Tori Amos.

48Sheryl Crow
49Linda Ronstadt
50Diana Ross

In 1976, Billboard magazine named her the "Female Entertainer of the Century. " In 1993, the Guinness Book of World Records declared Diana Ross the most successful female music artist in history. Her influence on pop culture has been huge, from the Supremes onward.

51Malin Svensson

Together with Minette Linderoth, they are the best female singers ever! Have you seen the live performance of "Like Fire Tonight"? If so, you should know they are the best!

52Kellie Pickler

Hey.. I know that she isn't right up there with shania or even carrie... but for a new album after being on american idol 2 years back.. she is a great singer, love the song RED HIGH HEELS! go get em kellie!

53Kimya Dawson

Hell to the yeah!

54Vanessa Carlton

she has a pretty voice.. Like an angel singing :)

55Kate Bush

Since she made her debut at 19 in 1978 with the "kick inside" album with mindbending inventiveness and the maturity of a wise 90 year old war veteren, and continuing in her career to write about thought provoking subject matter unheard of from a woman before her arival, this highly independent and strong artist has nearly inspired everyone both male and female. Every woman has had the opportunity to truly carve their own path and have an independent music career thanks to this first of her kind true artist. Everyone from Tori Amos to Madonna has ripped her off in some major way or another. Everyone from as diverse genres as hip-hop (outcast), alternative (Placebo), (Cold play) to hard rock and metal has wanted to work with her. Don't think so? Do your research.

56Aretha Franklin

The greatest female vocalist ever lived! Aretha has 20 number one hits in the R&B field. She is tied with The Bealtes with 20 number one hits in the Pop field.

Commonly referred to as The Queen of Soul, Although renowned for her soul recordings, Franklin is also adept at jazz, blues, R&B and gospel music. Rolling Stone magazine ranked Franklin No. 1 on its list of The Greatest Singers of All Time. Her influence is on nearly all R&B music and singers.

57Faye Wong
58Hayley Westenra
59Dolly Parton
60Angela Gossow

I love her song ' thank you' it's one of my favorite songs esecipaily with slim shady love it

I love this song with the dance moves

62Carole King

American singer, songwriter, and pianist. King and her former husband Gerry Goffin wrote more than two dozen hits during the 1960s, many of which have become standards; as a singer, her album Tapestry topped the U. S. album chart for 15 weeks in 1971 and remained on the charts for more than six years. King was most successful as a performer in the first half of the 1970s, although she was a successful songwriter long before and long after that.


More people need to vote for rih! I'm going to send this link to everyone!

65Kay Starr
66Andrea Corr
67Natalie Maines
68Bonnie Raitt
69Nina Simone
70Etta James
71Janis Joplin

With striking strong blues based vocals, Joplin's influence has been not only the 60's generation, but on music, artist and vocal styles on almost everyone since then. This includes as diverse a list as Stevie Nicks, leonard Cohen and Jerry Garcia, The 1979 film The Rose was loosely based on Joplin's life. Originally titled Pearl, after Joplin's nickname, and the title of her last album, it was fictionalized after her family declined to allow the producers the rights to her story.

72Grace Slick

Having huge chart succes with Jefferson Airplane never calmed her spirit for political confrontation if the occasion called for it. A powerhouse of vocal presence, her inspiration is great as well, inspiring the likes of Stevie Nicks, Patty Smith and anyone with a striking stage presence.

73Linda Perhacs
74Susan Christie
75Patsy Cline
76Bette Midler
77Patti Smith
78Sinéad O'Connor
79Sinead O' Connor
81Taylor Swift
82k.d. lang
83Karen Carpenter - The Carpenters

Her voice was like butter and I would put her at least in the top ten she never was trained her voice was natural I suggest people look at whitney houstons live version of a song for you and then watch Karen carpenters live version you might be surprised

Karen Carpenter had one of the best voices of our time. So angelic and haunting that it could send shivers down you're spine.

84Emmylou Harris
85Laurie Anderson
86Siouxsie Sioux

One of the original British punks of the mid 70's along with the Pistols, and the first real independent and individual female rocker (but don't tell her she's rock), she's too indie for such things. Inspiring the alternative movement, goth and woman wanting to be independent everywhere. Or to a lot of woman like Shirly Manson of Garbage "I just wanted to be her".

87Patty Smith

1975 saw the release of Smith's first album Horses, produced by John Cale amid some tension. The album fused punk rock and spoken poetry and begins with a cover of Van Morrison's "Gloria", and Smith's opening words: "Jesus died for somebody's sins but not mine. " The austere cover photograph by Mapplethorpe has become one of rock's classic images. Her influence has been on almost every punk since the 70's, and who's songs have been covered by british acts such as The Smiths.


Combining classical and folk music with her haunting vocals and counter culture viewpoints, Nico has inspired a vast array of artist such as Siouxsie and the Banshees, Bauhaus, Stevie Nicks, Patti Smith, Morrissey, Bjork, Coil, Jocelyn Pook, Fabienne Shine (who covered "All Tomorrow's Parties"), Dead Can Dance as well as numerous contemporary goth bands.

89Mia Zapata - The Gits
90Judy Garland
91Nicki Manaj

She is so awesome I love how she expresses herself (:

94Trisha Yearwood

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