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Jackson 5

Enough said. The most innovative Boy Band in History. What young boy had Michael Jackson's talent. Answer, NO ONE! And the entire group just brought love and light to everyone. You got this one right!

the best EVER. and they were only kids

There is not one band on this list that wasn't influenced by Michael Jackson. So, which band is the best? The Jackson 5.

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2Backstreet Boys

They are just so catchy, you can't help but sing along. Not lyrically the best but amazing tunes.

I vote for bsb because they prove a lot in the music industry...

the best of boy bands... they are the inspiration of all boy bands in the 90's...

Backstreet Boys deserve the crown they have been around nearly 20 years and are still going strong with their music ranging from juicy pop melodies to slow and sweet harmonious love ballads.

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I really love this group... they can touch your heart the way they sing the songs.


Just saw these guys from a local Philippine show. They should be getting somewhere because they really can sing and dance!

Amng the groups now in the Philippines, these guys really have the talent!

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They´re the best, their songs are really deep and they leave a message, and after 10 years, they´re still having many success unlike many of the other boy bands.

they are my favorite boyband

I have been a fan of these guys all my life! There songs never fail to move me. They will always remain my favourite boyband ever!


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i love xlr8


6Voyz Avenue

It is a first Filipino Boy Band that catch up Westlife, Backstreet Boys and N' Sync




Justin Timberlake!!! Bye Bye Bye was the soundtrack for 2000.


Nsync fan always

I like N*SYNC because I love JC ^_^

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9Dong Band Shin Ki (DBSK)

DBSK is the best freaking group in the world! Proud to be apart of Cassiopeia! DBSK FIGHTING! &

Wow I loove them and I am from Albania which is faaar
away from Japan/Kore etc...
nicely done boys!

they rock! I love DBSK!

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10Super Junior

Best boy band ever! Best dancers singers ever in this group. They got me hooked on kpop and made me fall in love with them.

SUJU IS THE BEST BOY BAND EVER. They can sing. They can dance, they can rap & they are so well in every single thing. Super Junior introduced me to Kpop & I'm loving them forever. LOVE you


11New Kids on the Block

1. They are awesome.
2. Joey McIntyre
3. They have over 60 songs and every one of them is amazing.

The first TRUE modern pop "boy band"... acts like "take that", bsb, Nsync and countless others were modeled after NKOTB.

12The Jonas Brothers

I LOVE them! because :

1 - They're songs are really insprational
2 - They're gr8 rolemodels
3 - They're absolutely cute
4 - They were purity rings.
5 - They're reaaaally sweet to their fans ( especially Kevin )
6 - They are very polite.
7 - They treat ladies with respect
8 - They try to give back as much as they can.
9 -They're funny (especially Joe)

I love the jonas brothers..

They are the best!

I like their music and enjoy it. It is very cool to listen to them. I'm looking forward to their album. Very grateful to them for the fact that they are there

13Take That

Awesome amazing brilliant inspirational determined fabulous superb. That's take that for you!

Come on! Great comeback... maturity with time... these guys broke off the cookie cutter mold and became their own artist. Take That all the way! "


its so cool and the best

its so cool and the best

its so cool and the best

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love dem such good singers and performers!
sexy 2!



There are so many things to love this group, they are good singers, dancers and a great performers and best song composers.

They are the best... Talented guys w/ good hearts. May God bless A1.

They are being loved by many people around the world for they are such nice guys.. Please continue creating and sharing good songs/music... And inspiring people. We love A1 because they also love us a lot.

hope all of you will stay longer on the music industry//////

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boyzone rocks!

Ronan Keating's voice says it all

19The Wanted

They are like the best thing in the world they are cute, funny and AWESOME singers! I love you Nathan max Tom jay and siva love Nathan most of all!

They are the best singers in the world!

20New Edition

New Edition was the FIRST boy band, because the term "boy band" was synonymous with pop culture, so logically speaking with intelligence... New Edition was the first! ;-)

How can anyone put New Kids on a list and forget about New Edition?


one word: AWESOME!


One of the best boy-bands in the world after Back-Street Boys. This band had ground-breaking success with their second album "No Strings Attached". Their single "It's Gonna Be Me" reached #1 in the Billboard top 100 in 2000 A. D.


Every member is different as they earnestly show their hard work and change throughout image and song. I love you G-Dragon~!

26Boyz II Men

include them on the list

this is the best!
sing, dance, charisma, hits, sales...
the best!


1995 -1997, vintage prefame, mostly covers of old ARE

29Savage Garden

Brilliant band. There songs have a hidden depth, that those who really listen can find. Pure perfection.

30Girl Aloud
31One Direction

Love them...
can't stop listening to them...
they are like addiction to me...
they need to win
they are THE BEST and being a DIRECTIONER is the best feeling ever

They are good looking, great singers and they have a sexy british accent


they're the best 'i swear'


no no no no ya'll got it all wrong!its all about New Kids On The Block baby!!!they're the all time best boy band ever!i love them so freakin much with all my heart
blockhead for life
enough said
nkotb wins soo hands down
bow down to the block baby!


They are the best. They should be at the top, at number one.

36One Direction
38Il Divo

those are for sure, the best band in the world...

4198 Degrees
43Big Time Rush

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