Artists Whose Singing Voice Diminished

These artist's voices were once majestic instruments, but now fall somewhat short of our grand expectations. This list is devoted to those who once could, but now cannot. Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.


Whitney Houston

It was from smoking all that crack!

I'm afraid her voice may never be as strong as it once was. She was truly an extraordinary artist that the family could watch an listen to. Today's artists show too much skin and sing about sex too often for my taste. I miss the "Pre-Bobby" Whitney Houston. The next best thing is Celine Dion. I hope she doesn't change.

She has utterly ruined her once-incredible voice. She no longer has an upper register, which was once her trump card. Her voice sounds thin, strained, and raspy today. Her tone is dark and husky, when it was once light and supple.

Remember, kids--crack is whack! And it will permanently ruin your singing voice.

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2Axl Rose

I totally agree love em in the old days

3Mariah Carey

Listen to Fantasy which was Mariah Carey in the ninties, then listen to Obsessed which is Mariah Carey 2009.


she kills me..

remember when she could hit those really high notes? she doesn't do anything like that anymore and all her songs are the same.

4Robert Plant

Plant went for it night after night... throw in drugs and booze and no voice teacher, and you had a recipe for vocal chord breakdown...

Plant is old.. We all lose our singing voices sometime.

this is true, though I've playfully sang zeppelin tunes at home alone, and the next day my throat was swollen, so I can understand why he's lost some of that wailing power.

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5Britney Spears

Listen to the video that got her signed where she's singing at a wedding and another one where she's singing "open arms" (they're on youtube, both quite short, but in those few seconds you'll be amazed how great her voice was before). Her stupid record label told her her voice wasn't "commercial enough" and they made her sing in that weak, nasally voice she has now. Sad, really.

She had a STUNNING voice when she was younger, but as she got older and sexier, we heard less and less of the voice that managed to get her a record deal.

She never had a singing voice. Only playback and a lot of sound effects. Enough said.

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6Sarah Brightman

She uses a childish whispy voice far too much now proberly to hide the fact her voice is nearly gone. Her last album A Winter Symphony was a complete disaster. Either stop recording or get voice retrained.

She sang like an angel, but those days are gone. She struggles to hit notes now and seems to try and use her vibratto to hide that she can't sing like she used to.

7James Hetfield

god he was so epic but now he's lost it, but its all because the "So What" cover

8Don Henley
9Ozzy Osbourne

How is Ozzy NOT on here? His voice didn't just diminish, he's just 'gone'. It's kinda depressing.

10Eddie Money

Awful, Sounds like he swallowed a frog and his voice just falls off. I have no idea why he is still singing. Eddie has lost it completely


11Dionne Warwick

She once had an absolutely fantastic voice, one that was very under-rated (see Battle Hymn of the Republic, Watch Closely Now, Solid Gold Slowly, Who's Zoomin Who, her 1990 Spain medley on Youtube) but since the early 90s it's been going way downhill. You only have to listen to any of her more recent singing to see what I mean.

In the past three years or so I'd say her old voice has pretty much gone and it will have been down to age, lots of smoking, and lots of weed. She's also got a bit of a nasty attitude in the past few years too.

A real shame because she was truly excellent at her prime in the 80s, a classy lady and I would say better than Whitney in some ways.

12Mavis Staples
13Sheryl Crow
14Rod Stewart
15Debbie Harry
16Jon Bon Jovi

As long as the check clears the bank, he doesn't care how he sounds these days.

18Elton John

He may not be as good as he used to be but I just saw him a few months ago and I was still close to tears. He's still got enough magic to go around.

his music was always bad now it's just torture to listen to.

throat operation took away some of his magic. listen to his older stuff. He had three times the range

19Tina Turner
20Shania Twain
21Aretha Franklin

The woman had the most marvelous voice of any singer I have ever heard in her early days. Just listen to Share Your Love With Me. The tonal quality, the wrap-around notes, the delivery -- she was magnificent. I think what has done her in, flattened her voice and limited her range is smoking. She has a raspiness that is very unbecoming, and she cannot hit high Cs any more.

22Ann Wilson

OMG I heard Ann on American Idol Give Back. Wow, she can’t sing it like she used to. Maybe if she lost the weight it would help.

23Nancy Wilson
24Stevie Nicks
25Justin Bieber
26Michael Jackson
27Lady GaGa
29Kelly Clarkson

Kelly clarkson's voice is amazing she could still hit a g#5 easily without any effort her voice has definitely changed a bit but that dosent mean its a bad thing! She has more control over her voice now!

She still has an amazing voice but her range has been shorten when it comes to her upper register. If you were to go on youtube and watch her perform "The Trouble With Love Is" on air with Ryan Seacrest you would see what I mean. Also go look her perfrom "One Voice" By Barry Manilow. Then go listen to her recent performances! BIG DIFFERANCE!

30Steve Walsh - Kansas

Steve had the greatest voice I have ever heard, but he killed it with smoking, drugs, and alcohol; mainly in the 80s. There's a time between 1982 and 1985 where something happened and his voice changed irreversibly. Suffice to say, even after throat surgery, he'll never return to anything close to his former voice.

31Joni Mitchell
32Joe Elliot

Go to Youtube and watch a live performance of "Photograph" from the '80s. Then watch the same song performed at a recent concert. Joe's patented power vocals are missing in action.

33Sammy Hagar

He was great in Van Halen but it was all downhill from there. His singing in Chickenfoot is terrible in comparison.

34Freddy Mercury - Queen

Sadly, I almost agree. Less and less people like Queen everyday. It's the saddest thing ever.

35Billy Joel
36Dan Fogelberg
37John Sebastian
38Jennifer Holliday

I'll always love Diva Holliday, but something happened to her voice when she dropped all the weight. It's like the depth disappeared with the pounds. Sad.

39Kylie minogue

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